Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey everyone,

Things are good here. Honestly there isn't much to report at all, because we have done absolutely nothing since the last time I wrote. We've just been sitting in the pension, resting on doctors orders...
  Things have gotten pretty boring, there's not a whole lot to do haha. I've been tearing through Jesus the Christ from the beginning, so that's been good. Scripture study is also doing good. I've also destroyed my sleep schedule, so my body doesn't know when it's tired anymore haha. Oh well.
  There's nothing too important to report really, just that I'm doing good, I'm feeling a little better everyday, able to walk around and everything. It's been good. I feel like I'm recovering relatively fast. I'm still not ready to go out and work and everything, but here in a week I'll be ready to go.
  So yeah, sorry for the chanta email, I don't got much else to say. But like I promised I'm gonna attatch the pictures from the whole hospital experience, hope you enjoy!
Best of luck in this week, thanks for everything!
Elder Aaron Mayberry.
P.S. OH. This week theres a big milestone coming up...........18 months.....1 year and a half..........I can't believe it!

P.S.S. Fotitos
1. Waiting for the metro to go to surgery...

2. Me in front of the hospital

3. Before surgery

4. On the stretcher about to go to the surgery room

5. After surgery

6. When the assistants visited us(one of them was my comp, elder saenz)

7. Me standing up in the room

8. The view from my room

9. Checking out!

10. Today at the zone activity, with one of my comps, elder deaver

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