Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to work!

Hey everyone!

  Well, there's not really much to inform again this week. We stayed in the pension a majority of the time on doctors orders. We did however, go out a little bit, to go to the lunches in the week, and yesterday we even worked the whole day. So the good news is that starting this week we're gonna be working in the sector again. Hooray!
  Of anything interesting to report in the week, there are a few things. On Wednesday, we had a meeting of the leaders of the mission, the zone leaders, the district leaders, and President spoke to us about how to make the mission better. So, obviously, that was really good. There was a focus on this talk that was given to us by Elder Corbridge of the 70, called the fourth missionary. It's an amazing talk that reflects about the different types of missionaries there are, and why we all need to be the fourth missionary. Reading that during my "hiatus" has really given me a lot of animo to go out and work, so I'm excited for this week.
  On Thursday I went back to the doctor, he took out some stitches, and I'm going back tomorrow to get the rest removed. So that was good.
  Church was good on Sunday, we saw a lot of things that could be potential for us to work with. So we've got our work cut out for us this week, being two weeks back and short of investigators. Should be fun!
  And the big news.....18. Thats how many months I have now. I honestly feel old in the mission now-haha. Pretty crazy. Very weird. It seems like that before I know it, the missions gonna be over. And I'm pretty sure that's how it'll be, cuz the time is flying "on the wings of lightning" as our President says. It's the last hurrah, and I'm gonna finish strong. I got all the rest I could ever need these last two weeks haha, so I can just work super hard these last 6 months.
  I'll talk to you next week, and hopefully have a good report of success here in the sector. Love you all, have great weeks! Church is true, that's why I'm here.

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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