Monday, February 21, 2011


  Hey everyone, we're here again at the end of cambio number 12, starting cambio 13. Its crazy to think there's only 16 haha. Times flying, and things are going alright. The first news is that me and Elder Russell have stayed here in Los Platanos again. So that's good. We've just gotta keep going, but, in spite of all the hardships, we're excited.

  This week that passed was a pretty alright one. Not too much in terms of the mission work, the work is still slow and hard. But we did see some good things happen.
  Some good news in the sector is that we got a new ward mission leader, and he's ready to serve. We had a meeting with him, and it seems like hes gonna do a great job. Our last one needed a little help, but now with this one we should be doing good. Also, his assistant is the RM that got back a few weeks ago, so he's got all the animo in the world to keep working in the obra. We already have divisions planned with them this week, so that should be great. We're excited for this change.
  Other things that happened this week. Elder Russell had to go get his carnet'(Chilean ID), so I went with him to do that. Afterwards we went to this famous restaurant in Santiago called Donde el Guatón, where they sell crazily huge sandwiches. I'll show you a picture. Good news though, I ate the whole thing :)
  But like I said, in terms of the mission work, finding, teaching, all the above, it was really hard. We seemed to get rejected harder than normal knocking, no contacts we previously had done actually wanna listen to us. It's rough. But today in the change meeting President was talking, and basically said everything that I needed to hear. He cited this scripture: Alma 26:27, which says...."Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites(he said Chileans haha), and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success" The scripture nailed me, as if he was speaking directly to me. We just need to go. Just get out there and work and be patient, and the Lord will give us success. He also talked about how, because of the opposition in all things, if we are in a tough period of the mission, if its hard, it means that the light is coming soon. So really that gave me a ton of hope, being able to hear those comforting words from President.
  Yeah. So here we go. We just gotta get out there and work. Even though its hard, something will come out of it. We just gotta have the faith that it'll happen, and keep going. Hopefully this change is a lot better than the last 2 here, and if it isn't, we're just gonna make it better haha.

Love you all, hope all is well. Cuidense harto!
Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Me with silly dog in the little hole in the bricks

 2. Me and the Barros Luco Guatón

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