Monday, August 8, 2011

The end..

  Hey everyone, just wanted to write you and let you know all is well here in Santiago. It was an amazing week and was such a cool way to end the mission. Im here in the office right now, all the other elders from my group just left for the airport right now, and im here with elder sheahan, whos awaiting his twin brother, and elder welling, whos awaiting his 2 triplets. They go home thursday though. But yeah, gonna run a couple more errands tonight, then await Ryans arrival tomorrow morning, then spend the whole day with him and then we'll hop on the plane home!!!! Cant wait to see you all on wednesday! See you soon!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

Monday, August 1, 2011

Last week of the mission!

  Well here we are. Its August.
And this is the last week of the mission, so its basically the last real email youll be getting. Obviously ill write you next week, but itll be something small, cuz ill just be talking to you two days later. How am i feeling you might be wondering. Well it feels weird. Real weird. It still doesnt feel like my time has come, or it feels like its like a joke that im going home. But it is gonna get harder and harder this week i think, knowing that itll be the last time i do some of these things and seeing these people. Like for example, im not gonna go shopping again when everythings in spanish haha. Its little things like tht that make me realize that the mission is indeed coming to an end. Its very bittersweet.

  Not much to report from this week though, all is well here, im safe healthy and good and excited to see you all next week.
  Well, this next week will be pretty interesting. Its gonna be pretty trunky haha. So tomorrow we have my last zone class ever. Im also doing divisions to one of my old sectors to invite some poeple to my despedida(going away). Wednesday and thursday will be normal days in the mission. Friday all of us who are going home get to go on what we call the trunky tour haha. We have to be at the temple at 9 in the morning to do a session with President Laycock, then after that we all pile in cars and President takes us on a tour of Santiago. He takes us to a bunch of tourist locations and stuff. Saturday is gonna be full of packing the bags and maybe the final interview with President and a special blessing. Then Sunday i have that despedida. Basically all the people i wanna invite can come to the temple gardens from 6 to 8 at night and say goodbye. Then Monday we have the last change council, i give my final testimony, say goodbye to all my fellow missionaries and await the flight home. Except the special part is that on tuesday morning ill be awaiting Ryans arrival, we'll go to the temple, then ill show him the ropes here in Santiago, we'll go out to eat, go shopping, spend some time together, then head on a plane ride for the good ole US of A.

  Man, it feels so surreal. Like its not even happeneing. Its an impossible feeling to describe. It feels good, knowing ive served the Lord for two whole years of my life. It is comfortiong to know that ive helped so many people come unto Christ. Its saddening to know that ill be leaving this work in just a few short days. But its also very very exciting to know that i will see you all in a few days, spending time together after a long time apart. Im also way excited to get on with normal life, cuz thats what happens when you finish the mission, life begins. I now have all the tools i need to have success in the real world. Im pretty happy to be able to see friends, do normal things, be normal again. Its a great and sad thing to finish the mission.

Well. Here we go. Last week! Ill write a short email on Monday and then ill see you a week from wednesday!!!!!! SEE YOU ALL SOON!

Elder Aaron Mayberry