Monday, April 26, 2010

Things have been going good here in Vicente Valdes!

Hello all!

  Things have been going good here in Vicente Valdes. Nothing terribly exciting, but going nonetheless.
  Lets see, where to start. I'll start with the investigators I suppose. Marcela is doing good. She is getting baptised sí o sí. The question is when though. We are hoping for this coming sunday, the 2nd of may, and she is praying to know if she should that day too, but if it isn't this Sunday it'll probably be the next, the 9th. So that's good. Sandra is also doing good, and we've started using members with her. We brought this one hermana to a lesson and it was really good and we should be having a noche de hogar with them tomorrow if everything goes according to plan. oh, noche de hogar is a family home evening. that just kinda happens now, when some things gospel related just come out in spanish. We are also seeing Ricardo progress slowly so that's good. Other than that we haven't had like anything super amazing happen with progress, everyone is going at their own slow and steady pace.
  We have been teaching a recently inactive recent convert named Juan, who basically went inactive for no reason at all and we've been trying to get him to come back to church and por fin he came back on Sunday. Hallelujah. So that was a relief to see him there finally after weeks of teaching him.
  Nothing too exciting happened in terms of events this week though. Just getting colder, especially at nights. There was a huge soccer game last night though, versus Colo Colo and La Universidad de Chile(La U). I dunno if I ever mentioned this but this is the biggest rivalry in Chile between soccer teams and its crazy huge. Like insane. People die when they play each other haha. But nothing too exciting happened this time. Just knew it was going on. This sector is super tranquil. Some sectors get crazy when this game happens and people have to go inside early, but here nothing happened. Just got bugged by a coulple drunk guys but that's kinda normal here in the mission. Colo colo ended up wining 1-0. Everything stops in the coutry though haha. streets were empty and we attempted knocking doors but it was a huge failure.
  Sunday was pretty good. We only had one investigator in the chapel, Marcela. But like I said, Juan went so that was good.
  Hmm, don't know much more to say, nothing really happened haha. Oh, something cool is that it's almost mothers day haha and I'm already gonna be able to call home again. Crazy! And we already have changes next week, which is also super crazy. This change has flown by. Haha we've been teasing an Elder we live with a little bit cuz he goes home next change, in only 7 weeks. Then my comp is right after him the change after. So they tease each other a lot.
  But I'm doing super good here in Santiago. I love it here. It's where I'm supposed to be and I'm supposed to be doing this week. I love you all and you're always in my prayers and thoughts! Lots of love from here in Chile.
Elder Aaron Mayberry

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chilly in Chile!

Yes, that was a pun in the subject and yes it was bad. And I cant believe Ryan robbed it from me. I was thinking of using that a long time ago when the weather finally changed and it did this week.

  So the weather has finally gotten a little colder. We usually go out in long sleeves, and one day we had to go out in jackets. It was pretty cool, we were studying and we heard rain so we went outside and it was actually hailing! And then it turned to rain a bit and there was thunder. And I hear the loudest thunder of my life. It scared us all so bad cuz it was soooo loud. But finally, it isn’t summer anymore here in chile.
  This week was a pretty good one. It flew by. We had our interviews with our mission president on Thursday and they were amazing. That man is really called by God to be our mission president. He tells us the coolest things in interviews to help us out or to get the morale up or basically just get inspiration for us. You can easily feel the spirit when President talks. He told me a funny story from his mission in argentina. First he asked what I thought I was struggling on, and I said getting out of bed right when the alarm goes off (I bet you couldn’t have guessed… still the same person haha). But he told me the funny story of how on his mission him and one of his comps decided to put a glass of water in between their beds and whoever got up out of bed the fastest got to throw it on the other guy haha. I don't think I wanna try it cuz I don’t wanna get wet in the morning, but it was still a funny story. I love President and all his cool stories and advice he gives us.
  In terms of investigators and their progress its going well. Marcela accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of May! So that’s exciting. Ricardo is doing good too. He couldn’t come to church because he went out of town, but our last lesson with him was really good. He said “im gonna pray fr sure to know if this is true” so that was a really cool experience. Sandra also came to church again and we had a good lesson with her the other day. So our investigators are doing good and are progressing.
  Today was a really fun p-day. We all went as a zone to an hermanos house from another ward, and he lives in the mountains and has a bunch of land. First we went and essentially made blow darts using metal tubes and magazine pages and we shot those at balloons and that was a ton of fun. And then in his yard this guy has two zip-lines that we got to go down which was also a lot of fun. And we finished it off with a huge barbeque Chilean style. So all in all a good pday. I'm a little sore from hiking though but that’s ok.
Haha I got a super cool gift from my last Bishop, Bishop Gonzalez. He gave me a present to a guy he works with who's dating a member of the ward so I got it in church on Sunday and it’s a super cool pen with a laser, flashlight and a extending pointer thing to point at whiteboards. And of course it functions as your average pen. But it's pretty cool. I love that ward and the people there.

  Well, that’s about all I got for now. Hopefully everyone is doing well in this time of year. I know the church is true and that this is the lords work and that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life. Love you all and you're always in my prayers.

Elder Aaron Mayberry

Monday, April 12, 2010

Winter is coming!

Hello everyone!
  Things have been going great over here in Santiago Chile. The weather is finally starting to change a little bit. Some days we actually go out in long sleeves. Well one day so far. But at nights it has gotten a lot colder. So hallelujah, no more burning sun every day. Pretty soon here the weather should change for good and we'll have to go out with jackets and in the rain. we still have a little time though.

  But the work is going good here in Vicente Valdes. Still not too good at memorizing the sector and stuff but it's coming. like I said, directions aren't my strong suit.
  I'll start out with some investigator progress, because there is some!
  Marcela is doing good. We are gonna put a fecha on her this week to get baptized. Sorry, sometimes I think in spanish/english and things just come out mixed without even thinking. But yeah. We're gonna try to get a baptismal date with her.
  We have also been teaching a young kid named Ricardo for a little bit, a month or so, and he finally came to church! That was super cool. he's 13 but he's super mature for his age. He always has lots of good questions for us so he keeps us on our toes. But he is slowly coming, so it's been super cool to see his progress and the way his thoughts have changed.
  We also had a random investigator in the chapel which is a super cool feeling haha. A lady named Sandra who we've taught a few times, who said she probably couldn't come to church this week, and at the end of Sacrament meeting we stand up and she's way off in the back sitting there haha. It was super cool. So we are actually having some progressing investigators. They might not be super close to baptism yet, but they're definitely progressing a ton, which is the point.
  This past week was nothing terribly exciting though. Like nothing too exciting actually happened. Just lots of visiting people, teaching lessons, and walking. Lots of that like always.
  Oh, just kidding. We did have something good this week. Zone conference. That's when we meet together as zones of missionaries and listen to the Mission president. President is such a cool guy. And a super powerful speaker. I guess you'd have to be while being an international anti-piracy lawyer worknig for companies like microsoft....haha. We talked a lot about how to become better teachers and why it's importnat and it was good. I love listening to president. We have our interviews with him this week and that's always an amazing opportunity to talk with him one on one.
  Today was a pretty fun day. We had an activity as a zone this morning. The zone leaders made pancakes and bacon for the whole zone, we played soccer and ping pong, and then watched the movie, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, which is an abslutely amazing movie that talks about the life of Joseph Smith. So it was a fun activity. But my legs hurt.
  But yeah. The work goes on. And it's great to be a part of it. It really is. Theres nothing better I could be doing. I'm supposed to be here in Santiago, helping people to change their lives. I love this work and am excited for the next year and 4 months of it. I love you all and hope you're all doing good. ¡Que les vaya super bien!
 Con mucho amor,
 Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Happy Birthday to me

2. Me and a big dog. Not a good picture of the big dog though. When it stands its at my waist roughly, and has an amazing amount of hair. ill get a better picture.

3. My sector

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

So yeah, it was a pretty good week!

  Happy birthday to me. Im not not a teenager....thats very strange. But oh well. Life goes on.
8 months in the mission this very day too, which is even crazier than my age at the moment. A third of the mission is already gone! Tha'ts soooooo crazy.
And of course Easter and conference. Which were just amazing. I'll talk more about them later though.
  But this week. Nothing terribly special. Just a normal week. We're still teaching a ton at the moment, like basically we have appointments all day everyday. So that's really good. Our investigators are progressing alright. At the moment we still don't have any baptismal dates, but we have a couple that are pretty close. I just enjoy doing a lot of teaching though, so that's good. And their progress will come afterwards. Me and elder Evans are a good team, we teach well together and are doing good. But like I said, this week was kinda slow cuz we didn't work at all Saturday or Sunday because of conference, and Friday not too much either cuz theres so many people out of town or busy for Easter weekend.
  So I'm just gonna talk about the highlight of the week, which, of course, was conference. Twas amazing. I love listening to God's prophet and His apostles here on earth, and when hearing them and their advice you can definitely feel like they are called of God. I especially enjoyed all of the "Easter" talks, when the authorities talked about Christ, the Atonement and everything. He lives. Also, one of my favorites was from Elder Rasband. He talked about missionary work, but the part I liked the most was when he talked about how missionaries are assigned to their countries and places to serve. Just made me think, wow, I'm really meant to be here. This is where the Lord needs me. Definitely felt a spiritual confirmation of that during that talk. I also enjoyed the remarks of the Prophet (duh) and the Priesthood session as a whole. The final talk was also really cool, because Elder Andersen adressed how there was a definite theme to the conference, and no one collaborates beforehand or anything. They all pray and fast to figure out what to talk about, and as Elder Andersen said, it was a divine unity of all the talks. It's so cool. Just little things like that that help build my testimony even stronger about the gospel. Oh, I also love elder Hollands talks, even if we're getting the palo (Ryan will understand that), just because he really means what he talks about and puts everything he has into it. Conference is really a remarkable experience that I will never miss. We get to hear a prophet! What can get better than that? But yeah. I know 100% that those men are called of God and that this is the Lords church. Without a doubt.
  OH. Somthing pretty funny real fast. So this recent convert, Juan, is learning English. So we usually accompany our lessons with him with a chapter or two out of the book of mormon and english, and then pray in english. which is insanely hard. I had to do it last time and I'm positive I sounded like a complete fool. I couldn't remember what to say or how to word things haha. I can speak perfect english still on the spot, cuz we do lots of that still, but praying I haven't done in english for 8 months haha. So, when I come home don't laugh at me haha.
  I'm sorry that this email is kinda short, but there isn't too much to write about this week :( But I'll leave you all with my testimony. I know, without a doubt that this is the Lords work. That this is the most important thing I can do in my entire life. This is the only true church on the face of the earth and Christ is the head of it. Countless experiences have told me this and have helped to build my testimony of this church, this work, and this gospel. And in this time of Easter, I'll bear my testimony of Christ. He is our Savior. He is our Redeemer. Because of His sacrifice, we shall live again. We can truly be happy in this life. And I'm so sure of it. Because I'm pretty darn happy :)
  I love you all and hope you all had a great Easter. Stay safe! Maybe you kinda know a little of what I suffered through because of that recent earthquake in CA haha. But yeah, I love you all and am so glad I'm here, in Santiago Chile, doing the Lordswork.

The church is true.
Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. Decided to attatch a picture of my birthday "extravaganza" I made that cake you sent me mom and it actually turned out really really really good. I was proud of myself.
  P.S.S. Actually i wont. I forgot my camera in the house.....sorry! Next week i promise