Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

So yeah, it was a pretty good week!

  Happy birthday to me. Im not not a teenager....thats very strange. But oh well. Life goes on.
8 months in the mission this very day too, which is even crazier than my age at the moment. A third of the mission is already gone! Tha'ts soooooo crazy.
And of course Easter and conference. Which were just amazing. I'll talk more about them later though.
  But this week. Nothing terribly special. Just a normal week. We're still teaching a ton at the moment, like basically we have appointments all day everyday. So that's really good. Our investigators are progressing alright. At the moment we still don't have any baptismal dates, but we have a couple that are pretty close. I just enjoy doing a lot of teaching though, so that's good. And their progress will come afterwards. Me and elder Evans are a good team, we teach well together and are doing good. But like I said, this week was kinda slow cuz we didn't work at all Saturday or Sunday because of conference, and Friday not too much either cuz theres so many people out of town or busy for Easter weekend.
  So I'm just gonna talk about the highlight of the week, which, of course, was conference. Twas amazing. I love listening to God's prophet and His apostles here on earth, and when hearing them and their advice you can definitely feel like they are called of God. I especially enjoyed all of the "Easter" talks, when the authorities talked about Christ, the Atonement and everything. He lives. Also, one of my favorites was from Elder Rasband. He talked about missionary work, but the part I liked the most was when he talked about how missionaries are assigned to their countries and places to serve. Just made me think, wow, I'm really meant to be here. This is where the Lord needs me. Definitely felt a spiritual confirmation of that during that talk. I also enjoyed the remarks of the Prophet (duh) and the Priesthood session as a whole. The final talk was also really cool, because Elder Andersen adressed how there was a definite theme to the conference, and no one collaborates beforehand or anything. They all pray and fast to figure out what to talk about, and as Elder Andersen said, it was a divine unity of all the talks. It's so cool. Just little things like that that help build my testimony even stronger about the gospel. Oh, I also love elder Hollands talks, even if we're getting the palo (Ryan will understand that), just because he really means what he talks about and puts everything he has into it. Conference is really a remarkable experience that I will never miss. We get to hear a prophet! What can get better than that? But yeah. I know 100% that those men are called of God and that this is the Lords church. Without a doubt.
  OH. Somthing pretty funny real fast. So this recent convert, Juan, is learning English. So we usually accompany our lessons with him with a chapter or two out of the book of mormon and english, and then pray in english. which is insanely hard. I had to do it last time and I'm positive I sounded like a complete fool. I couldn't remember what to say or how to word things haha. I can speak perfect english still on the spot, cuz we do lots of that still, but praying I haven't done in english for 8 months haha. So, when I come home don't laugh at me haha.
  I'm sorry that this email is kinda short, but there isn't too much to write about this week :( But I'll leave you all with my testimony. I know, without a doubt that this is the Lords work. That this is the most important thing I can do in my entire life. This is the only true church on the face of the earth and Christ is the head of it. Countless experiences have told me this and have helped to build my testimony of this church, this work, and this gospel. And in this time of Easter, I'll bear my testimony of Christ. He is our Savior. He is our Redeemer. Because of His sacrifice, we shall live again. We can truly be happy in this life. And I'm so sure of it. Because I'm pretty darn happy :)
  I love you all and hope you all had a great Easter. Stay safe! Maybe you kinda know a little of what I suffered through because of that recent earthquake in CA haha. But yeah, I love you all and am so glad I'm here, in Santiago Chile, doing the Lordswork.

The church is true.
Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. Decided to attatch a picture of my birthday "extravaganza" I made that cake you sent me mom and it actually turned out really really really good. I was proud of myself.
  P.S.S. Actually i wont. I forgot my camera in the house.....sorry! Next week i promise

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