Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello from Vicente Valdez!

Hello everyone!

  Here I am fully adjusted to life in my new area, my new comp, etc. I'll give a brief account of what it's like here and how the weeks been and stuff.
  So my new sector is pretty cool. It's a pretty nice sector. The ward is really cool too, and there's a good amount of people that are in the ward. It's also kinda big though, so that's not too fun walking around everywheere all day and stuff and you all know how bad I am with directions, so you can imagine how I'm doing getting used to my sector haha. But I'm trying.
  Our investigators are doing good. We have quite a few actually, pretty much teaching all day every day. We haven't had much time to knock, which is ok by me cuz I'm not a big fan of knocking haha. But our investigators are cool. I am still working on figuring out who's who though, but it's all good. We have some that have some good potential of getting baptized this change so that'll be cool.
  Things are going really well with my new comp too. Like I said he's elder Evans, and he's from the Sacramento area. A place called Yuba city I think. He's cool and we have fun and we get a lot done too so that's really good. A funny fact is that he knows how to hypnotize haha.
  But the week was good, I'm getting used to everyone, the new sector, teaching with my new comp and stuff, but the next weeks email will be more descriptive for sure.
  Some other random things. I'm super excited for conference this next week. What a blessing it is to listen to Gods chosen servants on the earth. It's crazy to think that that's what they are, prophet and apostles, and that they are really here and we can listen to them twice a year, but it's so cool! Theres no doubt in my mind that these men are called of God and receive the revelation from Him and we receive it. So yeah, I'm excited for that.
  A VERY FUNNY COINCIDENCE. so on Saturday I was in lunch with a family from the ward. Their daughter was there and her fiancee came in and started talking to us. He saw my name and he's like hey, I know an Elder Mayberry, but I've already heard that before in this ward apparently there was another Elder Mayberry a few years back, so I asked him how long ago he was here and he said, " no, I met one in Concepcion".......HAHAHAHAH. I asked where and he said Talca. Indeed where Ryan was at the time. THATS CRAZY!!! It was super funny. He's like oooohhhh, thats why you guys look so much alike haha. Turns out he's the Mission Presidents son of Ryans mission. How crazy is that? And he was only in Talca for one day while his dad did interviews and thats where he met Ryan. Oh man this world is small. But I'm sure you'll all get a kick out of that story.
  Ahh yes. I guess I'm looking forward to my birthday. Its weird. Ill be 20. Thats old. I'm looking forward to making my cake and we're gonna go out to a restaurant to celebrate next Monday.
  But yeah. I love the mission and my new ward and everything. Hopefully I get adjusted here in the next week or so haha. But I love you all and keep the emails coming and everything. Thanks for all the birthday wishes too :D Love you all and stay safe! You're always in my prayers.

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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