Monday, March 22, 2010

Elder Mayberry leaves El Valle!

So yeah, last night was changes and.................I left El Valle. More about that all later. I'll talk abou the rest of the week first.

  Not too exciting of week really. Wow, side note, this keyboard is really not working too well,. so if there's mistakes I apologize beforehand. Like the ridiculous amount of spaces at the beginning of this paragraph, I clicked the space bar once. It has a mind of its own, apparently...
  So yeah, the week was just kinda allĂ­ no mas, just an average week. Nothing too terribly exciting happened. We have some really cool investigtors though, well, Elder Frost has some pretty cool ones- haha. Cecilia came to church and is still good for getting baptized the 28th, so that's super cool. It's been really cool to seen her progress ever since Juan Joses baptism way back at the end of December.
  Theres a SUPER cool family that we're teaching, Erika (pretty sure I've wrote about her before), her two kids Constanza and Matrin, and her other son Jonathan and his girlfriend Natalia. They're really one of the coolest families in Chile that I've met. They are gonna get baptized, there's no doubt in my mind. Erika finally came to church on Sunday after investigating for a looooooong time , so that was a relief. We also gave Erika and Natalia a tour of the church and they both loved it a lot. So they are some of the best investigators we have (had).
  The other people we had were just kinda between progressing and not progressing, so there's not much we can do with them.
  Sunday I gave a talk in church, which I still hate doing haha. It went well though I think. I wasn't as nervous as I usually get.
  But yeah, that was basically all the excitement of the week, and then came cambios. bum bum bum. The call came last night and the other 3 elders from El Valle are staying and I left. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed. I wanted to stay in El Valle for another change , to see Cecilia get baptized, and see the other cool investigators progress. And cuz I love the ward and the people in it. But that's not where the Lord needs me at the moment. He needs me in Vicente Valdez, in the Stake La Florida.
  So last night I did all my bags and all that fun stuff (which is the worst part of changes by far), got to bed, then we woke up and went to the place where we met and listened to president talk for a bit, then got our new comps and areas. My new comp is....Elder Evans. Now, this is a different Elder Evans than the one I already had haha, but they got here at the same time. My last three comps all got on the mission at the same time haha. But this Elder Evans, was actually my zone leader in my first zone of Puente Alto, so I already know him. He also was the trainer of my MTC comp Elder Erickson. But yeah, here we are in Vicente Valdez, which is a legendary ward amongst the mission. Everyone says its paradise, cuz the ward works super well together, helps the missionaries, and all that good stuff. So thats super cool. I'm very excited. Sad to leave El Valle, but ready to see new things. So I'm excited for this coming change.
  Yup. Asi es la mision. Super glad to be here. I love the mission, I really do. Church is true. I shall let you all know how this first week goes here in Vicente Valdez in one week! Love you all! Chao!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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