Monday, March 8, 2010

Seven months in the mission.

Well, this week I have turned seven months in the mission. That seems kinda old already haha. Still got a ways to go, but man its flown by already.

  This week was not near as exciting as Ryan's week haha. Santiago was relatively undamaged from the earthquake, so we have just been doing normal missionary stuff like always.
  On Monday we had a big devotional as a mission. It was really cool. Definitely was a big testimony builder about this work, how it's all guided by the Lord, and revelation. So yeah, about two weeks before the earthquake hit, we all got a flyer from the mission about what to do in an earthquake and how to be prepared. Coincidence? Nope. We found out that a little bit before, the mission presidents wife woke up in the middle of the night because she felt that there was going to be an earthquake here in Chile. She mentioned it to some of the office elders, and two of them had dreams that the same thing would occur. So they put the flyer, sent it out, and then we were hit by an earthquake. Isn't that crazy? The Lords hand is definitely in this work, and it's such a cool thing to know. President then shared a scripture in Luke 21:11 and 13. Basically says that there will be earthquakes in diverse places, and they will be opportunities to testify. So the focus for us was obviously to testify to people about the work and stuff, and that they would be prepared because the Lord had humbled them. Another cool scripture we've been sharing lately. It's in Helaman, don't remember where, but it says that the Lord gives us disasters, hunger, and all that good stuff, so that the people remember him. And it's really true. Now more than ever people think about religion in their lives. Everything happens for a reason.
  The rest of the week was kinda allĂ­ no mas. Like just kinda average. Nothing terribly exciting happened. Except for on Friday we got a baptismal date for Cecilia, Juan Joses mom! It was a really cool lesson. Juan is such an amazing kid. He bore testimony for us and asked his mom if she would get baptized and she said yeah. So she now has a date for the 21st of the month. So that's exciting. We're gonna be doing a lot of knocking doors this week to find new people, cuz the ones we have aren't really progressing too well.
  And yesterday was pretty cool too. We had stake conference, but it was a special one. It was via satellite from Utah and it was for like 40 stakes in Chile. And we got to hear from Elder Bednar from the twelve and from President Monson, so it was cool. Juan Jose, his mom Cecilia, and his sister Aimara went too. So that was cool. They said they liked it a lot.
  And yeah, theres been like 50 bajillion aftershocks here. Its stupid. Sometimes when we're sleeping one of us will move and it moves the whole bed (bunkbed) and we get scared cuz we think its another earthquake haha
  Other than that, the work goes on like normal. It'll be exciting to see what all happens from here on out. The church is TRUE, without a doubt. Love you all and thank you for all your prayers and concerns and stuff. I'm just fine though, so no need to worry. Love you all tons.

Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. My earthquake pictures are not as exciting as ryans.

1. The wall with all the graffitt on it, the part that fell down.

2. Wall to a school that fell

3. Basically the extent of the damage everywhere here, a wall that fell down around the house.

4. My official chilean ID.

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