Monday, March 15, 2010

Another good week.

  This week wasn't a terribly exciting one. Nothing big happened, just some big aftershocks, a little cold, and some new investigators.

  So yeah, big news from the week. Tuesday night I felt like I was getting sick, and Wednesday morning, sure enough, I wake up sick. Ugh. I hate being sick. But I'm all better now pretty much. Just had a little cold.
  Thursday, at like 11:30, there was a big aftershock, like a 7 or something, and then a little later around 12 there was another but a little smaller. Kinda exciting, but definitely not even close to what happened a few weeks ago. We didn't even like worry about these ones haha. It felt like the house was barely shaking.
  And some good news, we found some really cool new investigators! I was on divisions with elder Skinner, a really cool guy, and we found this Peruvian lady, taught her a couple principles from the first lesson then set up a return appointment for the following day (Saturday). We went by Saturday and taught her all of lesson one, the restoration. She liked it. She said she'd read from the book of Mormon and pray, and also said she'd go to church the following day. So in church, at 10 when the meeting started, we had no investigators. Ugh. But then a few minutes go by and Andrea, our new investigator, walks in and loved it. She stayed for all 3 hours, which is really good for the first time for an investigator. In the investigator class, we talked about prayer and how one could pray to find out if the church is true and stuff, and then out of nowhere, Andrea says, yeah I woke up early today, at 7 to read the part of the B of M that they gave me, and while I read it I felt just a huge happiness inside......Wooooo! Haha, needless to say elder Frost and I were grinning ear to ear. So we`ll see what happens with her in these next coming weeks. But she's really good.
  Our other investigators are struggling to progress. We have such cool investigators though, they just need to do their part and read and pray and stuff. Cecilia didn't come to church this week, so her baptism got postponed til the 28th, ugh. But its still good cuz she`ll still get baptized.
  And that was our week. Nothing terribly exciting. A dog followed us from our sector to our house, a 35 minute walk haha. Oh yeah, and changes are coming up this Sunday.... So we'll see what happens. Cuz I'd love to stay and see a bunch of people get Baptized next change, but I've already been here for 4.5 months, so we'll see what happens.
  Yup. Love you all and I'll let you know what happens next week! Take care!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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