Monday, April 19, 2010

Chilly in Chile!

Yes, that was a pun in the subject and yes it was bad. And I cant believe Ryan robbed it from me. I was thinking of using that a long time ago when the weather finally changed and it did this week.

  So the weather has finally gotten a little colder. We usually go out in long sleeves, and one day we had to go out in jackets. It was pretty cool, we were studying and we heard rain so we went outside and it was actually hailing! And then it turned to rain a bit and there was thunder. And I hear the loudest thunder of my life. It scared us all so bad cuz it was soooo loud. But finally, it isn’t summer anymore here in chile.
  This week was a pretty good one. It flew by. We had our interviews with our mission president on Thursday and they were amazing. That man is really called by God to be our mission president. He tells us the coolest things in interviews to help us out or to get the morale up or basically just get inspiration for us. You can easily feel the spirit when President talks. He told me a funny story from his mission in argentina. First he asked what I thought I was struggling on, and I said getting out of bed right when the alarm goes off (I bet you couldn’t have guessed… still the same person haha). But he told me the funny story of how on his mission him and one of his comps decided to put a glass of water in between their beds and whoever got up out of bed the fastest got to throw it on the other guy haha. I don't think I wanna try it cuz I don’t wanna get wet in the morning, but it was still a funny story. I love President and all his cool stories and advice he gives us.
  In terms of investigators and their progress its going well. Marcela accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of May! So that’s exciting. Ricardo is doing good too. He couldn’t come to church because he went out of town, but our last lesson with him was really good. He said “im gonna pray fr sure to know if this is true” so that was a really cool experience. Sandra also came to church again and we had a good lesson with her the other day. So our investigators are doing good and are progressing.
  Today was a really fun p-day. We all went as a zone to an hermanos house from another ward, and he lives in the mountains and has a bunch of land. First we went and essentially made blow darts using metal tubes and magazine pages and we shot those at balloons and that was a ton of fun. And then in his yard this guy has two zip-lines that we got to go down which was also a lot of fun. And we finished it off with a huge barbeque Chilean style. So all in all a good pday. I'm a little sore from hiking though but that’s ok.
Haha I got a super cool gift from my last Bishop, Bishop Gonzalez. He gave me a present to a guy he works with who's dating a member of the ward so I got it in church on Sunday and it’s a super cool pen with a laser, flashlight and a extending pointer thing to point at whiteboards. And of course it functions as your average pen. But it's pretty cool. I love that ward and the people there.

  Well, that’s about all I got for now. Hopefully everyone is doing well in this time of year. I know the church is true and that this is the lords work and that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life. Love you all and you're always in my prayers.

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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