Monday, April 12, 2010

Winter is coming!

Hello everyone!
  Things have been going great over here in Santiago Chile. The weather is finally starting to change a little bit. Some days we actually go out in long sleeves. Well one day so far. But at nights it has gotten a lot colder. So hallelujah, no more burning sun every day. Pretty soon here the weather should change for good and we'll have to go out with jackets and in the rain. we still have a little time though.

  But the work is going good here in Vicente Valdes. Still not too good at memorizing the sector and stuff but it's coming. like I said, directions aren't my strong suit.
  I'll start out with some investigator progress, because there is some!
  Marcela is doing good. We are gonna put a fecha on her this week to get baptized. Sorry, sometimes I think in spanish/english and things just come out mixed without even thinking. But yeah. We're gonna try to get a baptismal date with her.
  We have also been teaching a young kid named Ricardo for a little bit, a month or so, and he finally came to church! That was super cool. he's 13 but he's super mature for his age. He always has lots of good questions for us so he keeps us on our toes. But he is slowly coming, so it's been super cool to see his progress and the way his thoughts have changed.
  We also had a random investigator in the chapel which is a super cool feeling haha. A lady named Sandra who we've taught a few times, who said she probably couldn't come to church this week, and at the end of Sacrament meeting we stand up and she's way off in the back sitting there haha. It was super cool. So we are actually having some progressing investigators. They might not be super close to baptism yet, but they're definitely progressing a ton, which is the point.
  This past week was nothing terribly exciting though. Like nothing too exciting actually happened. Just lots of visiting people, teaching lessons, and walking. Lots of that like always.
  Oh, just kidding. We did have something good this week. Zone conference. That's when we meet together as zones of missionaries and listen to the Mission president. President is such a cool guy. And a super powerful speaker. I guess you'd have to be while being an international anti-piracy lawyer worknig for companies like microsoft....haha. We talked a lot about how to become better teachers and why it's importnat and it was good. I love listening to president. We have our interviews with him this week and that's always an amazing opportunity to talk with him one on one.
  Today was a pretty fun day. We had an activity as a zone this morning. The zone leaders made pancakes and bacon for the whole zone, we played soccer and ping pong, and then watched the movie, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, which is an abslutely amazing movie that talks about the life of Joseph Smith. So it was a fun activity. But my legs hurt.
  But yeah. The work goes on. And it's great to be a part of it. It really is. Theres nothing better I could be doing. I'm supposed to be here in Santiago, helping people to change their lives. I love this work and am excited for the next year and 4 months of it. I love you all and hope you're all doing good. ¡Que les vaya super bien!
 Con mucho amor,
 Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Happy Birthday to me

2. Me and a big dog. Not a good picture of the big dog though. When it stands its at my waist roughly, and has an amazing amount of hair. ill get a better picture.

3. My sector

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