Monday, April 26, 2010

Things have been going good here in Vicente Valdes!

Hello all!

  Things have been going good here in Vicente Valdes. Nothing terribly exciting, but going nonetheless.
  Lets see, where to start. I'll start with the investigators I suppose. Marcela is doing good. She is getting baptised sí o sí. The question is when though. We are hoping for this coming sunday, the 2nd of may, and she is praying to know if she should that day too, but if it isn't this Sunday it'll probably be the next, the 9th. So that's good. Sandra is also doing good, and we've started using members with her. We brought this one hermana to a lesson and it was really good and we should be having a noche de hogar with them tomorrow if everything goes according to plan. oh, noche de hogar is a family home evening. that just kinda happens now, when some things gospel related just come out in spanish. We are also seeing Ricardo progress slowly so that's good. Other than that we haven't had like anything super amazing happen with progress, everyone is going at their own slow and steady pace.
  We have been teaching a recently inactive recent convert named Juan, who basically went inactive for no reason at all and we've been trying to get him to come back to church and por fin he came back on Sunday. Hallelujah. So that was a relief to see him there finally after weeks of teaching him.
  Nothing too exciting happened in terms of events this week though. Just getting colder, especially at nights. There was a huge soccer game last night though, versus Colo Colo and La Universidad de Chile(La U). I dunno if I ever mentioned this but this is the biggest rivalry in Chile between soccer teams and its crazy huge. Like insane. People die when they play each other haha. But nothing too exciting happened this time. Just knew it was going on. This sector is super tranquil. Some sectors get crazy when this game happens and people have to go inside early, but here nothing happened. Just got bugged by a coulple drunk guys but that's kinda normal here in the mission. Colo colo ended up wining 1-0. Everything stops in the coutry though haha. streets were empty and we attempted knocking doors but it was a huge failure.
  Sunday was pretty good. We only had one investigator in the chapel, Marcela. But like I said, Juan went so that was good.
  Hmm, don't know much more to say, nothing really happened haha. Oh, something cool is that it's almost mothers day haha and I'm already gonna be able to call home again. Crazy! And we already have changes next week, which is also super crazy. This change has flown by. Haha we've been teasing an Elder we live with a little bit cuz he goes home next change, in only 7 weeks. Then my comp is right after him the change after. So they tease each other a lot.
  But I'm doing super good here in Santiago. I love it here. It's where I'm supposed to be and I'm supposed to be doing this week. I love you all and you're always in my prayers and thoughts! Lots of love from here in Chile.
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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