Monday, May 3, 2010

Unexpected Cambio!

  Well, an unexpected cambio that I was kinda expecting. I'm gone! Haha, after one change in Vicente Valdes I'm already in a new sector with a new comp. I kinda felt that I was gonna leave though, dunno why but I did. It's pretty fome (bad) I wanted to stay in that sector. I liked it a lot. But oh well. The Lord needs me in this new sector which should be interesting. It's in a stake called Vicuña McKenna, in the ward Turquesa. I've heard that it's a pretty flaite sector so it should be fun : )

  So yeah. Here I am in another new sector. My new comp is Elder Laney from Arizona and I've heard good things about him. It should be a good change. He's got about a year and a half on the mish and has been in this sector for 4 and a half months. We're living with Elder Mooney, who came with me but I don't really know him, and Elder Deviagge, an Elder from Argentina who speaks good english haha. They're cool and I think we'll have fun working together in this sector.
  So yeah. Interesting halt to the progress we were seeing in my last sector. But here was some good news that we were having progress with some investigators. Ricardo was doing good. He went to mutual the other day and there were tons of youth there so he made friends and got to know them. Marcela told us that she is just lacking a spiritual answer and that when she gets it she will be baptised. I think she'll get baptised this change. And we had a good family home evening with Sandra with another family and that was really good and she told us that now she had really prayed and was looking to see if she should follow our religion. So that's some good news for my old comp and his new comp, haha. They'll have a good change. But my comp now says we should be having a good one with some baptisms.
  Sunday was really good. We had a super spiritual testimony meeting and Sandra and Marcela were there listening and it was just what they needed. So hopefully they keep on progressing towards baptism here soon.
  But as for me, I can't really worry about that now, nor do anything. Of course my prayers will be with them so that they keep progressing. But now I'm in this new sector with new people to find and teach and bring the restored gospel to. It should be a good one!
  I love you all a lot and am sorry for the tiny letter, not much to write about if I don't know anything or anyone in this new sector haha. Oh well. Next week should be a good one telling you all about this new sector. You're all always in my prayers and thoughts and I hope you're all doing well! This is the true church, the only one on the face of the earth and I'm so glad I have that knowledge and can help people come to know it here in Chile. Chao!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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