Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, it was another so-so week for us here in Turquesa. So this email once again might be a little lacking, I'm sorry.

   A lot of this week was dedicated to knocking doors. We knocked quite a bit though, like one of the biggest streets in the sector and a bunch of smaller ones. Needless to say, we had no success. We got some contacts and appointments to come back other days but no one was home or they were busy. So in terms of that this week was kinda rough for us. And that's kinda bad news that we haven't been finding any new investigators, because ours are kinda slowing down. Kinda meaning a lot haha. Next week we're gonna try a new strategy for finding news though, we're gonna start looking for inactive families and teaching them. The other 2 elders in the sector have been doing that and they said it's been working for them so we're gonna do the same.
  In terms of investigators, like I said, they're slowing down. No one went to church again, which is extremely disappointing. We really have only like one or two investigators that are actually progressing at the moment, which is pretty low. One is Abraham, who is progressing a lot actually. He said the last time we taught him that we had answered his prayer which was asking God if what he was doing in his life at the moment was right and he said what we taught him that day was an answer meaning yes. So it's been really cool to see the changes he's been making in his life. The only obstacles left for him are to go to church and get married to his girlfriend. But other than him there hasn't been any notable progress in anyone. We have a lesson tonight with a new person we found who seemed pretty interested though, so that's good. We'll see how it goes.
   The rest of the week was pretty normal in terms of the stuff happening though. Today we went to a buffet so that was pretty fun and delicious. I can't believe we're almost in June though already. Its crazy. But that's all I have for this week though, I'm sorry. I hope this coming week we can have a lot more success. You are always in my prayers and I hope that everything is going really well for you over there. Love you all! Til next week!
Here's some pictures too :)
Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Our house

2. The sector

3. The metro

4. Me and Elder Laney

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