Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day phone call !

  Well, there's not too much to put here since I just talked to you all, haha. But that was a wonderful experience like always. I figured today I could just talk a little about the investigators we have and the sector a bit.

  So investigators. No one has a baptuismal date at the moment. We are teaching a couple people that are close at the moment. We are teaching a girl named Paulina, who has told us she wants to get baptized. She had a date for the 16th but she didn't go to church so that won't be happening. But its good. Her only problem is that she doesn't fully understand the importance of going to church every Sunday. So she needs to understand that and then she'll get baptized. We're also teaching a woman named Nataly who is progressing. She has been to church like 4 times so far, but what's holding her back is that she is living with a guy and they have 3 kids but she wants to leave him but can't find a house or something along those lines haha. It's a little complicated with her. And we are also teaching a couple of Abraham and Susanna, who really like the gospel, but yet again, they aren't married. It makes things very hard because they can progress and progress and progress but not go any farther cuz they are not married. So we'll see what happens with them. And those are the main investigators we have at the moment.
  Sunday was pretty cool. Church was good. It'll take a bit to get used to a new ward but it's all good. It should be fun and it seems like a good ward.
  We saw some really cool fruits on Sunday though. On saturday night we went and talked to an inactive bishop that lives on the same street as us. Sadly, this is a big problem in Chile, when bishops go inactive and stuff. But we went and taught him and told him he needed to go back to church. Twas kinda weird, two young 20 year olds who basically don't know too much, telling the aged bishop with many many years of experience in the church to return, haha. An interesting conversation. But on Sunday morning, to our surprise, he was there! So that was a really cool sight.
  Today was a good day too. Went shopping and Elder Deviagge, the Argentine, made us a tasty lunch of an Agrentinian meatdish. And then we just relaxed in the house and had a nice chat.
  But yeah. The letter is kinda inadequate but that's just cuz I talked to you all yesterday. Thanks for being there to talk to me and for all the support you give me. Love you all! Til next week! (I promise there'll be pictures next week :) )

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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