Monday, May 17, 2010

It was a pretty decent week this week!

Hello everyone!
  It was a pretty decent week this week. Nothing terribly exciting to report though.

  I'll start off with the beginnging of the week. On Tuesday we had interviews with President and those are always really good. He always gives really good advice for us and how to improve as missionaries.
  The weather has been changing a bit, we’ve been going out in suits practically everyday. And on Friday it basically rained all day. That was ok, didn't get too wet, just a little bit.
  On Tuesday we did divisions with some other elders and I went with elder Johnston from Florida. He got here with me on the mission so that was pretty cool. It's always interesting going to a new sector and seeing other peoples investigators and how they're doing and stuff.
  Speaking of investigators, I'll talk about ours now. To say it simply, we have a few investigators that aren't really progressing that much. So that is basically a problem. One is named Nataly, I think I've talked about her before. She's the one who lives with the guy but wants to move out but can't cuz she has no money/house. She is progressing at an extremely slow rate if I were to say at all. So we dunno what to do with her. She is good and all and wants to get baptized but isn't going anywhere at the moment. So its hard. We also havent been able to find a lot of the investigators we have. We've maybe taught them once a week. So it's hard to see lots of progress when you can't teach people a lot. But our best investigators at the moment are Paulina and the couple Abraham and Susanna. Paulina is the 18 year old girl that wants to get baptized. She has the desires and has already been taught and knows everything in order to get baptized. Her only problem is that she needs to come to church. She didn't go again on Sunday but she had a reason not to this time. So we're gonna be having some important lessons with her this week to talk more about going to church and stuff. She's also kinda hard to teach cuz she is super super busy with school work and pre-university school. Abraham and Susanna are doing really good. We had a really spiritual lesson with them last night. Abraham is progressing a lot faster than Susanna is though but that's ok. They're big problem is that they aren't married. And they don't have much plans of doing so at the moment. But last night we talked all about getting their testimonies about the gospel. The spirit was really strong and they said that they really felt what we said. But the whole marriage thing is still a gigantic obstacle. We'll see what happens.
  Sunday was interesting because 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started guess who was asked to give a talk? Uh-huh, me. So that went ok I guess. I just talked about something I had studied earlier in the week and it was good.
And today was a fun p-day because as a zone we played soccer and basketball. I'm pretty tired though.
  But things are going really good here in my sector. I'm liking it a lot and the ward is cool. I apologize because I forgot my camera today so no pictures, but next week I promise. Love you all and this is the true church! If it wasn't I wouldn't be here. You're always in my prayers, hope youre all doing good!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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