Monday, May 31, 2010

An exciting week!

So yeah, this week was actually a good week with a few exciting things that happened.

  So, beginning of the week. We had the conference of the southern zones of the mission and that was really good. I had a good opportunity to learn from President about some cool things about the Spirit and the necessity of it in the work. Also got to catch up with some good friends here in the mission so that was really cool.
  Friday we had a ward activity that we (the missionaries) were in charge of. It was a capacitation (is that a word?) for the members about how they can better help us in the missionary work. So we talked about like what they can do to help, how they can share the gospel, and things they can do to help us such as having family home evenings and saying hi to the investigators that come into church with us. And the best part was after we ate tons of soapaipillas! Just kidding, the spiritual part was the best obviously, but who doesn't like tasty food?? So that was a success, there was like 40 or 50 people there and they had a good time and learned (hopefully).
  Had some interesting things happen this week though. Saw various uses of various illegal drugs haha. And here it's not a big deal at all, people just do it right out in the open like its nothing. Also we were in a lesson when a big verbal argument broke out between our investigator, her "boyfriend", and her father in law, who had had a little too much to drink. That was pretty interesting. There was like a bajillion bad words said, with a majority of them basing off the same stem word. It's pretty interesting here, there's like the main bad word people use and you can alternate it in an infinite amount of ways to make a new bad word, and I'm pretty sure they were all said. The funniest thing is that the bad word literally means, "big egg"...... But that was an interesting lesson.. Gave me a little self-esteem boost of my spanish skills cuz I understood it all haha.
   And now about the investigators. We have seem some AMAZING progress by some. Some others are slowing down and we have struggled to find some more but have had a little success and a couple miracles. So, I'll start with those that aren't doing anything. Paulina, who we thought was gonna be an easy baptism this change, turns out to be not so easy. She hasn't been to church in a long time and we're gonna have a serious talk with her to see what she wants. Nataly can't progress in the situation she's living in, but went to church again. She says she wants to change though so that's good, but we'll see what she actually does (it was in her house where the argument broke out). But now the good investigators. So a girl named Nicole, who was investigating a while ago came to mutual this week and told us to come by. She said she was gonna talk to her dad to see if he had changed his mind about her investigating the church (he is extremely against it). So that's good news. We also found a really good family who is progressing well. The wife is understanding perfectly and she believes everything we say, the husband is the less spiritual one. But they're doing good and they said they'd pray to know. And they also promised they'd come to church next Sunday. And the best lesson of the week happened last night with Abraham and Susanna. Susanna finally realized that she wants to change! We walked into the house and the first thing she said was that they were gonna go to church next Sunday, and that she wanted to change, and then she said she'd say the first prayer, something she has never done. So it has really been amazing to see the change in them. The good news is that the other Elders are having baptisms next week and they said that they'd stay and watch, which is always an amazing experience for investigators. And on Saturday we're gonna do a Temple grounds tour with them! Since they aren't married we've been focussing on eternal families and they're really excited to go, so this weekened should be a phenomenal one. We're really looking forward to it. But yeah, those are the investigators.
  So this next week should be a really good one. We should be seeing some good progress with our investigators. And, even better, we're going to the temple on Thursday!! What a blessing to be in a mission with a temple. So that should be an amazing experience.

Well, I love you all, and I'm doing great here in Chile. I love it here doing the Lords work. Hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you next monday!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

P.S. Heres a cool drawing a member did on the whiteboard after the activity. Can you guess which ones me?

El Valle gang

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