Monday, June 7, 2010

10 months old on my Mission!

  Well it was a really good week. I turned 10 months the other day in the mission and that's crazy! In two months the mission is half over.... wow.

But yeah, things are good here in Turquesa. We had a pretty successful week with some things and unsuccessful with others. I'll start with the investigators. So Abraham and Susanna are doing really good. We've been having really good lessons with them this week. They're learning a ton and progressing a lot. Susanna, in the beggining of the week randomly told us that she had stopoped smoking for 5 days and she hasn't since. So that's really amazing. On Saturday we went with them and gave their baby daugter a blessing in the hospital because she's been there since birth because of respiratory problems. That was a cool experience. Then afterwards we went and did a temple tour with them which was really cool! They liked it a lot. And on Sunday they came to church for the first time and they loved it! So tomorrow we're gonna have a good lesson with them and talk about baptism and marriage. The other investigators aren't really doing much at the moment, but we'll see. We might find some new ones and some miracles might've happened to us this past week, but I'll wait to call them that til they develop.
  On Sunday at church the only two investigators we had were Abraham and Susanna. But I failed to tell you other exciting news. Remeber how we had taught that inactive Bishop a while back and he went to church? He's gone every Sunday since then, which is 4 straight. So we're quite happy about that improvement.
  Today was a lot of fun because we went to a sector called Pirque. It's the only sector in the mission with bikes, because its all campo, like houses with lots of land and stuff, some have horses and all that jazz, I don't remember if that type of area has a name in English anymore. But we went there and found a soccer field and played soccer for a good while and boy am I dead at the moment. My legs are super sore already. And we had a tasty barbeque Chilean style. So that was good of course.
  I'm trying to think if anything exciting happened in the week. It was actually hot this week, which is really weird. Cuz it's supposed to be winter. Also, everyone is about to go crazy because the world cup starts this week. It should be a lot of fun, even though we can't watch haha. But the people are really excited.
  I also found out a strange (to me) tradition the Chileans have. You know how people always have things to remember of their babies? like videos and stuff, pictures, maybe some hair....turns out all Chileans save their kids' umbilical cords. Is that weird? Do we do that in the States? Inform me if we do haha.
  But yeah, this should be another good week here in Santiago. Hopefully everything works out well with all the investigators and stuff. Also we have changes at the end of this week so we'll see what happens. I think imstaying but you can never know.
  OH! I completely forgot to say that we went to the Temple! It was so cool! It was my first session in Spanish and it was really cool and spiritual. I really hope we get to go back more.
   Sorry for all the typos, this keyboard is struggling to work correctly - haha.
Yeah. That's it for this letter. Hope you're all doing great! I'm gonna put some pictures so you can all be entertained, I know how you love those pictures : ) Love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Me, comp, Abraham, Susanna, and daughter in hospital.

2. Me, comp, Abraham, Susanna, and recent convert at the temple

3. The zone after the activity today.

4. Elder Johnston with the dog that decided to follow us on the bus to the activity. Bus driver said that he doesnt even care. No big deal!

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