Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blessings in disguise.

Well hello again from Santiago Chile. Things are doing great here! Well, the weather isnt too amazing but thats all good. Its been cloudy and cold and sometimes rainy. So not too much fun for missionary work. But other than that things are amazing.
  This week was a pretty fome one. Not much was accomplished in terms of investigators and we can't find anyone to teach. It's so frustrating sometimes. Because we'd knock for hours a day the whole change and we found very very few people. So it was kinda rough. But it was a good change and I learned a ton and met some amazing people. Abraham and Carolina continue progressing. Abraham told us in the last visit that he believed that there was a prophet today so that was really cool. And, as changes were nearing, he told us that if we left that we didnt have to worry, because they were going to keep going in the gospel without fail. So that was basically amazingly reassuring and a very cool feeling. It has been amazing to see the changes they've been making and the happiness they've received because of it. They know this church is true and are gonna keep going. So they were definitely the highlight of the change and I hope that they keep going. But other than that, the week was lame haha. Except for..........changes. And this is what happened.
  So, we get home Sunday night to await the call. At about 10:30 or so the power went out cuz it was raining, and at like 10:45 we got the call about changes. They said Elder Laney, se va (you're going), which was expected because he was already there a long time. Then they said Elder Mayberry, tambien se va(you're also going). Yeah. Needless to say I was shocked and extremely disappointed. It is no fun being in a ward for only 6 weeks. And you have to pack ALL your stuff which is the worst part easily of changes. So yeah. The other two elders in that sector are staying and are gonna be the only ones working there now. So that was a relief because we just told them who all our investigators are and they're gonna go visit them now. I felt much better after that cuz its better than leaving a note with all the stuff and hoping the new guys get the job done. But that's how it was. I was in another ward for but 6 weeks. I'm happy though, I learned a lot and feel like I accomplished and learned what I needed to. But then I had to pack....in the dark (remember the power outage?) so well after my bed time I finally got to sleep.
  We get there in the morning and they start announcing the changes and I am now in the stake Cordillera, in the branch Pirque. Remember where I went last week for p-day? That's now my sector haha. And my companion is Elder Sáenz from Mexico! I worked with him in El Valle for a while so we already know each other and stuff. So needless to say I am really really excited to be here. So, some info about my new sector. It's one of the two unique sectors in the mission. This is either the biggest or second biggest, we're nearer to the mountains, and we're the only sector in the mission that uses bikes! How fun is that? I'm quite excited. I've only heard good things about this sector and it should be a lot of fun. It's really beautiful down here too because we're kinda away from the city and its all campo, like big houses with open spaces and stuff. Mas encima I'm with Elder Sáenz. So this should be a really good change i think.
So yeah. Here I am in the sector now. I havent gotten to ride the bikes yet, but we do lots of bus riding to get from here to there also. But more in winter we use the buses my comp says cuz it gets really cold riding. I still wanna try it out though :)
  So next weeks email should be a pretty good one. I'll have lots to say about this new sector and probably quite a few pictures. But here's two at the moment, one of me and Elder Saenz and one of Pirque.
  I love you all and hope youre having a good week! The world cup started here and its crazy. But not too bad cuz all the games are in the morning. So it doesn't affect us too much. But I'll talk to you next week and let you know how its going here in Pirque. Chao!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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