Monday, June 28, 2010

Pirque and the Andes!

So here we are after another week here in Pirque. To be honest, nothing really exciting happened this week which is kinda boring. World cup is happening though and its crazy. Everyone here goes nuts when Chile plays. Speaking of that, they just played and lost to Brazil 3-0 :( pobrecitos. But Chile played well, but Brazil played better. And before you think that I'm chueco and watched the game, we got permission from President to watch today haha :D So we enjoyed some nice soccer. But now Chile is out of the tournament, along with the USA. Oh well, life goes on I suppose. It was pretty funny though, we headed over here right after the game ended and the people we saw looked really really sad. They take their futbol seriously here.

  Lets see, the rest of the week was pretty decent. We got disappointed on Saturday because we were supposed to do a temple tour with our investigators Juan and Yazna, but they cancelled on us because they had a friend that was leavig from Chile so they were gonna be with him. But we rescheduled and are gonna go with them on Wednesday now, so that's good.
  In terms of other investigators, we don't have much. We don't have much time to do knocking but we need to dedicate more to doing it because we don't have many people to teach at the moment. We are teaching the neighbors of a family and they're good. There's a 15 year old named Alex and he is really interested. He's a really different kid. He isn't like the rest of the kids here in Chile because the majority at that age are doing things they definitely shouldn't be doing but Alex really likes the religous things. So we're going to be working with him a lot.
  Me and Elder Sáenz are doing really good though. We're a good team and happy together and teach well together. He was kinda sad cuz mexico lost though, haha.
  Today for p-day we went and played soccer for a little bit with some of the other Elders and then we came back to watch the game and eat asado! The family we live with made an asado (barbeque) and it was pretty delicious.
  In terms of other things that happened this week there was really nothing. Haven't seen a ton of progress in our investigators, we need to find more, and at church no one showed up :(    None of our investigators at least. But attendance was low too, but that was a combination of cold and three day weekend (I think here in Chile theres a holiday every month).
  It has gotten cold here. And rainy. But in the nights its pretty cold. In the mornings when we wake up there's tons of frost on the floor. They say we might see some snow here in Pirque this winter. Now that would be exciting.
  Well family I love you all and hope you're all doing good. I'm doing great here, I'm loving it and loving work. There's nothing more important I could be doing and there's nothing I'd rather be doing. This church is true and blesses lives! Love you all, til next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry


Andes mountains (in background)

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