Monday, January 3, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Happy New Year to all!

  This week was an alright week really. The new year made it a pretty rough week for work, because everyone's on vacation and the whole world has people visiting for the holidays.
Let's see. We still have very few investigators. Gema and Victor are doing really well. This week we made a plan with them for them to stop smoking, and they're doing well. They're completeing their goals and going down little by little together, so that's really good. Jennifer, the 9 year old that is afraid of water, is no longer afraid of water! She and her dad practiced and now she isn't afraid and goes completely under w/o problems. So she will be baptized this Sunday, por fin. And those are still all the investigators we have at the moment. We are still absolutely stumped on how to find new ones and stuff, we've tried everything, but this is just a hard sector. But we're still chugging along.
  New Years was actually pretty fome this year haha. We had to enter the pension early, at 8, and we sat there and did nothing. Luckily, Victor and Gema brought us some asado, so we had something tasty to eat for New Years. Elder Russell was tired and told me to wake him up 5 mins til twelve, and I did so and then we "celebrated." We said happy new years, and listened to the fireworks going off that we couldnt see (there was a big fireworks show close to us, but our window faces the complete opposite direction....). So yeah, that was new years. Crazy though, cuz my "mission year" is now over. O sea, the year that I'm only in the Mission. 2009 I was home, then started the mish, 2010, mission year, and this year, 2011, I finish the Mission. SO that's a cool feat.
  At church this Sunday, we had a pretty miserable day, it was one of those Sundays where nothing goes right. We had no investigators at church, none of the less actives that said they were gonna come came, and the attendace in the ward was extremely low cuz people just slept in, and everyone there andaba en otra, as they say here. Basically that they had their heads in different places. But it's alright.
  It's the last week of the change, and we dunno what'll happen. Anything could happen really. We'll just wait to see. But we're gonna keep trying no mas in the sector to try and get things up and running. Love you all and hope you have a great week! I promise to take lots of pictures this week and send some next Monday. Chao!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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