Monday, January 10, 2011

Disappointments, Successes!

Where to start I have no idea. This week was honestly a very very crazy week for me and for us here in Los Platanos.

  Well. I'll just address all the issues I put in the subject line haha. So first...
  Changes. I'm still here in Los Platanos, as is my comp Elder Russell. So that's good news.
  Other good news. Jenny was baptized yesterday! The week before, Jenny, the girl afraid of water, practiced with her dad and successfully duplicated going under water for a baptism, so on Sunday, when she went into the font, she was able to be baptized without a problem! So that was really really cool. Me and my comp were actually pretty nervous that she was gonna have a panic attack, but she didn't and everything went smoothly. So we have a little bit of success here in the sector finally, with the baptism of Jenny, so we're super happy about that.
  And now for the other news...
  Disappointments. Well. After the baptism of Jenny, we practically have no investigators to teach. This I think has been my hardest sector of the mission, because we've tried so many things to try and find new people to teach, but nothing has worked. And to top it all off, our best investigators, Victor and Gema, blindsided us and told us not to come over anymore...Turns out that Victor doesn't like commitment. He didn't like feeling like he had to drop things in his life and change his way of life in order to join a church. Which is really just an excuse. He was super enthusiastic about the gospel, he definitely felt the Spirit many times, and he knows that he is supposed to follow the gospel. But, becuase of the difficulty of doing so, he decided to tell us not to come by anymore. It honestly took us by a huge surprise. We did not see it coming. Elder Russell kinda took it hard, being really his first hard rejection, but it was alright. We did our part, and they chose to use their free agency in a different way. Nothing else we can do.
  This morning the entire mission went to the change meething cuz President talked to us about things to come in 2011, our goals as a mission, and what we can do to accomplish them. It was cool.
  Uh-huh. That was the week. Pretty hectic and crazy, but it makes the mission more exciting. I'm glad to be here, glad to still be here in the sector, even though its been rough, but we're just gonna keep on moving forward. Gotta keep looking on the bright side of things. Lifes great, I'm in the mission, we're members of Gods church, what more can I ask for? Love you all and hope you have a great week! Here's some pictures!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
I'm putting like a bajillion pictures cuz I haven't sent any in a while.
1-3. My Sector, Los Platanos

4. Sunset in Santiago

5. Me and my comp at the beginning of the change, when there was an eclipse of the moon early in the morning we woke up to see (that's the Llama sweater Michael mentioned in the Christmas call)

6. The zone picture

7. Jenny and her family at the baptism

8. Us and Jenny

9. Me and my trainer Elder Hastings (and his other kid in the mish). He finished the mission today.

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