Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello All!

Hello everyone!

  To be honest, things are still hard here in Los Platanos. We really don't have many people to teach. But some good things did happen this week. For instance, Jenny got confirmed this week so that was good. We also went to the temple on Wednesday so that was a spritual experience like always. This week we also did a lot of english teaching. It's pretty hard to teach english haha, I'd be a lot better at teaching Spanish cuz I had to learn it, but english just comes out naturally so I don't know all the rules and stuff. But I'm learning and it's interesting haha.
  Something interesting this week. So we had our zone class and everything on Thursday, and while we were there we all got some drain cleaner and some poison to kill spiders, ants, etc, that might be in our pensions. We also got the instructions to clean out our pensions entirely and spray the poison on Friday. So we did that and it was alright, I'll include a photo.
  This next week should be an interesting one. We have interviews with President tomorrow, hallelujah. It seems like it's been a really long time since the last interview, so I'm petty excited for tomorrow.
  Things are going good with me and Elder Russell. We honestly don't know what to do though, in terms of the work. On thursday I was kinda depressed cuz I have no idea what to do anymore, we can't find anyone to teach, knocking does us nothing, the members aren't willing to help. It's been hard. Easily my hardest sector of the mission thus far. We're just gonna keep trying and see what happens though. It's all we can do really.
  But, despite the less than ideal conditions of the sector and things at the moment, I still love the mission. I'm learning tons, growing everyday, and keeping the faith. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Me making one of my favorite chilean things, a Barros Luco (me and elder russell make them every thursday)

2. The finished product

3. Ready to kill

4. Me with the poison

5. What chilean kids do when its hot outside(open up a fire hydrant and let the water shoot out)

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