Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Surgery in the Mission!

Hello all!
I'm here, you can all stop worrying now haha. I'm doing just fine. I´ll go into more details later though so don't worry.

  The last week was actually better, finally. We had success knocking! We decided to knock a street, and we got into one house on Thursday. With that we were already more than happy, it was a big morale booster. On Thursday we decided to finish knocking that street, and the first house we knocked we got into. It was crazy! So that helped us a lot with our animo. We can't say if they'll be investigators that progress or not, but we´ve found people.
  Then on Saturday we had a big missionary activity in our sector. We had a bunch of elders from the MTC here in Chile that came to the sector and we our zone of missionaries, did divisions with them and all worked in our sector for a few hours. So that was a big help for the sector. We got a bunch of contacts and stuff to go by the next week, so hopefully we´ll get a lot of new investigators from those.
And that was essentially our week last week.
Now...I'm sure you're all dying to hear about how things went Monday.

 So lets start from the beginning. Monday morning, I woke up at 7, according to doctors orders, and ate a few crackers and some water. Then at 9 we had to leave to the metro and go to the hospital. We get there, I talked to the doctor for a few minutes, then he sent me to admissions, where I got scheduled a hospital room and everything. Then they took me to the room. So there we sat in the room, at like 11:30, while I was waiting for my surgery at 5:30. In the mean time, people kept coming in, doing little tests, making sure everything was all good for surgery so there wouldn't be any complications. They took a little blood and I watched them do everything this time, sticking the needle in and everything. So then at about 4:30ish, the guy came in with the strecher, and that's when my heart dropped haha. I wasn't really nervous up until that point. So then they wheeled me out and I went into the surgery room. There, the anastheseologist put an iv into my hand, then gave me a shot in the lower back, which numbed it, then gave me another shot with a big ole needle (which I didn't feel), which put everything below my waist to sleep. Then she gave me some drug that made me sleepy, and they did the surgery. It was wierd, cuz I was like in and out of consciousnous during the surgery, obviously I wasn't 100% conscious, I was drugged up, but I could talk to the lady and stuff. Twas pretty interesting. Then they finished the surgery, and wheeled me out to a little waiting room, and then took me back to my room. And there I stayed. I wasn't in too much pain, a little, and it was hard for me to move. And my legs were numb for the entire night haha. But it was good. Not too much pain at all. And that was Monday.
  Yesterday was an interesting day too. So after not sleeping too well Monday night, the nurse came in at like 6:30, and told me to stand up and go to the bathroom and clean myself up a little bit. So I stood up, with a little pain and pressure cuz it was swollen, but not with any problems. So I go into the bathroom, shut the door, look in the mirror, then I started to get super lightheaded. Next thing I knew, I heard the nurse saying, Aaron, open the door! Are you ok! I thought to myself, yeah, what could be wrong? Then I realized I was on the floor haha, I had fainted. So I opened the door then went straight to the bed. I then decided not to stand for a while haha. But after some practice and stuff, by the end of the day I was able to stand without any problem and walk around a little bit. Other than that, there was no major problems yesterday, just a lot of resting and stuff, eating a little bit of food, talking to doctors and nurses, and sleeping.
  And this morning I woke up, talked to the doctors and stuff, and they told me I'd be going today. So they got the stuff ready, the assistants came and picked me up, and here I am in the office, writing this email. I'm doing just fine. I dont have pain, just sometimes when I move in certain ways, and now it just bugs a little cuz it's still swollen, but I'm walking around a little if I need to, to practice a bit, and things are good.
  So whats in store this week? SLEEP. Just getting a bunch of bed rest and stuff like that, reading tons of scriptures, etc, and we'll see how I'm feeling at the end of the week.
  So you can all stop worrying, everythings just fine here on my part. I had a successful surgery in Chile on my mission. Pretty cool story o no?
Love you all!
Thanks for all you've done for me, for all your prayers and everything. Hope you all have a great week this week, and I'll talk to you on Monday!
And dont worry, I have tons of pictures to send next week from my experience :)
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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