Monday, May 2, 2011

El tiempo está volando sobre las alas de relámpago. Time is flying by on the wings of lightening.

Hello all!

  This week was another mediocre week. It was nothing special, just the same old stuff ive been doing for the past 21 months haha. But it was still a good week nonetheless.
  It all started out on Tuesday, we had a successful zone class. As the zone leaders, its basically our job to keep the zone excited and enthusiastic about the work. The district leaders give a focussed class on doctrine or how to be a missionary and stuff, and we just do fun stuff haha. This week we played a game to see how the zones knowledge is about the scriptures that one can use as we teach. It went well. After class we went on divs and i once again went with the elder thats having a rough time on the mission. It went better tyhis time, we didnt talk about home, we just talked about random stuff and it was good. We had some exito again and it was good.
  The rest of the week was just normal, working in the sector, teaching lessons, and walking like crazy in this huge sector. The only thign out of the ordinary that we did was do inspections of the pensions in the zone. We just had to go make sure they were all clean and stuff.
  Our investigators are doing alright. Once again, Sunday was rough for uys. But we did have one get to church, should've been a lot more, but oh well. Jenny is still with the same proiblem, she said that she'd already be baptized if she had the support of her husband. But now she hasn't gone to church in three weeks so we dunno what to do. We're just gonna take President Laycock to a lesson with her and she get baptized for sure haha. The investigator that came to church is named Angelica, she's the wife of a member. They just got married recently and she likes the idea of being sealed. So we think she's gonna get baptized soon, but we just gotta teach all the lessons. Our other investigators are doing alright, we just need to see more progress.
  We decided to do a bit of finding at the end of the week and it was good. We chose a street, and out of the first 4 houses we knocked, we got into one house and had two other really good contacts. So that was cool.
  And thats about all the stuff that happened during the week. Today was a great P-Day, we went as a zone and my last zone, nunoa, to San Jose de Maipo a place in the mountains. We played soccer and ultimate frisbee on a big field, then ate some delicious completos. It was a ton of fun, but I'm pretty tired.
  I can't believe how fast this change is going by, seriously, its crazy. We're already gonna be starting week 5, im turning 21 months in the mission this week, and on Sunday it's already my last phone call (skype call) in the mission. Can't lose focus haha.

Anyway, i love you all and hope you all have a great week. See you on Sunday!!!!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

1. The "shower" i told you about the other week.

2. Our chapel here in Tobalaba

3. The four of us missionaries in the pension with silly hats on (my comp Elder White is the second on the left)

4. San Jose de Maipo

5. The zone at the activity today

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