Monday, April 25, 2011


  Well this week was a little harder, with not as much success as the past few weeks. But hey, it happens.

The week started off good and everything. We had interviews with President (mine was really short though cuz of some problems with missionaries before me), but nonetheless it is always good to talk to President. Even a short interview of a few minutes gave me animo to keep going.
  Elder Sáenz, my ex comp from Mexico, also came to our pension for a two night divisions so that was really cool to chat with him and see how things are going. He's the assistant to Pres, so his mission is a lot different from ours at the moment, so he had like a bajillion stories to tell about things that are happening in the mission, crazy experiences, etc. Twas good.
  We also went to the temple on Thursday, and obviously that was good. Except for the fact that two sister missionaries from another mission went into the session, and there was only 14 spots for missionaries (our zone), but 14 had already entered and me and my comp were still supposed to go in. But the session was full and we didn't get to go in. It was still good though, we did some other things in the temple that I hadn't done in a long time, so it was still a great experience.
  The weather here still can't make up its mind, Friday it rained all day and the past few days have been cloudy, but today the suns out in full force. I'm happy though, as long as winter is postponed (hopefully till August haha). It's gotten pretty cold in the nights though.
  Why was the week fome then, is what you might be asking. Well, its because of our investigators. For the second week straight we didnt have any at church! Ugh! We don't know whats going on, but in that sense it's been a rough week. Our investigators are doing good though. Jenny and her daughter Valentina, are supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but we have to see cuz they didn't go to church. Jenny is completely ready to get baptized, she's already read the whole book of mormon for goodness sakes! But her husband isn't much of a support and she feels like she can be even more ready. But she wants to get baptized and everything. Pray for her! We're gonna see though if she should get baptized on Saturday or if we should postpone the date. The other investigators are good though. Well, good meaning that they're stil interested and progressing, but for some reason no ones coming to church. So I think this week we're just gonna make sure everyones at church on Sunday.
  This week I also gave a talk in church, and it went well. At least I got the assignment a while ago and not at the last minute. It was cool though, all 4 of us missionaries gave talks in sacrament meeting. So we put a gigantic focus on member missionary work, and I think it went well. Hopefully we start to see the references roll in! Doubt it though, haha.
  The week was really slow though cuz of the holy week here in Chile. Everyone was on vacation or just didn't wanna answer their doors or something because it was days off of work Friday and Saturday, so that also made the week a little fome.
  Today for Pday, we went to a chapel and played basketball, soccer, and ping pong as a zone. It was a lot of fun. I also bought a new thing for our stupid shower, because the hose thing that leads ot the shower head had broken at the end, so the past three weeks we've essentially just been using a hose in the tub as a shower. so I bought the thing and took a real shower today and it was wonderful. now we just need to get a new curtain cuz ours has a 3 foot wide hole in the middle of it haha. Then I took a good nap, and now here I am. And that was my week, here in Santiago Chile.

Love you all, hope you have a great week! You're always in my prayers. I love the mission. The church is true.
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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