Monday, April 11, 2011

Estamos Trabajando en full

Greetings from Tobalaba!

  So this was a great first week here, I'm very excited to be in this sector. So here's a description of the sector. First off, its HUGE. We do a TON of walking. I mean a lot. I haven't even been to half the sector yet. It's crazy. We work a lot in this one part called Villa la Reina, the poorer part of the sector, and to get there it's a 30 min walk. We make that walk every single day. And that's relatively close in the sector. Oof. My legs aren't adjusted to this kind of walking yet. But it's a good sector. Apart from that poorer part, the sector would be considered cuico"rich". They're nice houses and the families are well off. In my sector there is a military hospital, a few huge parks, and even an airport haha. It's not a big one, but it's an airport nonetheless. So you can imagine how big the sector is. It's good though, I like it a lot. And this part has something pretty mind blowing, houses without fences. There's a little part of the sector like that, with houses without fences, called villa los carabineros. In that part only lives cops haha, so that's why they don't need fences, who would break into those houses? And that's like the physical layout of the sector for the moment, as I go learning and exploring more, I'll let you know.
  Now for the work. Lemme say that there's a pretty big difference between this sector and Los Platanos. Baptisms are kinda just given to us here haha. Like this week alone, we had like 4 people tell us they want to be baptized. Elder White says that's always how it is here, there's always a lot of success. We are teaching a lot of good people at the moment, and have a lot of potential for success in this change and the changes to come. Here's some people were teaching.
  Jenny is a mom, who was supposed to get baptized with her 8 year old daughter this Sunday, but couldn't. She's soooo good. She isn't even baptized yet (and she didn't start listening until a few months back) and she's in Helaman in the book of mormon. She's all ready to get baptized and there isn't really any probelms......except for one. Last week she was looking for General Conference online, and accidentally stumbled upon an antimormon page and read some things and kinda got desanimada (i dunno what the correct translation is, but she kinda slowed down and didn't know what to think). So we got there, she hadn't been reading in the BoM cuz of it, but we answered all her doubts and cleared up all her questions and told her that all the stuff she read was obviously false. There she got excited again and said she was gonna keep going in the book of mormon. She came to church on Sunday with her two kids. So she will most likely be baptized this week or the next.
  Like I said, a lot of miracles have already happened in the sector. We taught the son of a super active hermano, and he wants to get baptized. An 18 year old son of an active hermana finally, out of nowhere, decided that he wanted to go to church again, and he has to get baptized because his baptism papers were never done by the missionaries. And yesterday we taught this inactive lady, who has two sons, twins, that already said that their aunt (active member) was gonna take them to church so they can get baptized. I'm really excited for what's to come. We also have more people to teach that should progress and get baptized. Exito!
  And that's my new sector. It's a really good one. And most likely it will be my last, cuz after this change there's only two Time's flyin by. I turned 20 months in the mission. But I'm not trunky haha. Hopefully you all know what trunky means.
  Alright, so being a zone leader. So in the mission, its all organized right? Theres like 140 missionaries, all divided into 10 zones. Within each zone are sectors, where they work. Each zone has two districts, of like 6 missionaries, and the district leaders are in charge of them. Each zone has two zone leaders, who are in charge of the district leaders, and the whole zone. So basically if there's any problems or anything, we're the ones that fix them, and we report all the info to the assisstants to President. And each week we have zone class and me and my comp have to give a little lesson. And that's about it. We also have special meetings once a month, where all the zone leaders meet and talk with president. That happened this week and it was pretty cool. But yeah, that's being a zone leader.
  PDay today was pretty rico. We met up with the zone, and my old zone, played a few games of basketball, soccer, a lot of ping pong, and ate churrascos. It was a ton of fun. I've gotten pretty decent at ping pong, and my soccer skills are still with me haha.
  I'll end the letter with a few funny coincidences. So the first counselor of the ward here is the son of Ryans old mission president haha. And in church some guy walking in the hall was just like, "hey" Elder Mayberry, I was in the same zone as our brother in the mission. turns out he just got back 6 weeks ago and was in the same zone as Ryan. My tally now for people that have seen/met both of us is now up to three. That's pretty crazy huh.
  Well family I love you all. Hope you're all having a great time at home and that things are going well. I'm loving the mission and am soooooo excited for all thats to come here in Tobalaba. Til next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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