Monday, April 18, 2011

Asi no mas.

Hey everyone!
   It was another good week here in Tobalaba. And so far so good. We are having a great amount of success and I'm loving it here.
  So the people we're teaching are doing good. We have two baptismal dates for the 30th of April, with Jenny and her 9 year old daughter Valentina. They're still going really strong, and Jenny is one of the most prepared investigators I've ever taught. She's in Helaman in the book of Mormon already! It's crazy. So we should be having those baptisms at the end of the month. We also had another baptismal date for the 30th with Matias, the son of an hermano, but he didn't go to church so the date fell. We're also teaching a bunch of other people, and should have various baptisms in May. Cualquier exito!(How Exciting) And it's cool cuz we're seeing tons of miracles. Normally La Reina isn't a very high baptizing zone, because it's in the northern part of the mission and the people are richer and don't want much to do with the gospel. As a mission, we have the goal of getting one baptism per companionship in the month of april, o sea, 72 baptisms. Our goal as a zone would be 7, because that's how many companionships there are. But there's miracles going on all over the place here in La Reina. As a zone we've already had 9 baptisms, and still have 10 more scheduled for this month! We're being really blessed at the moment as a zone.
  Here in the sector too, we're seing all the blessings of the Lord. But we dunno what happened yesterday, me and Elder White had about 7 investigators that said they were gonna go to church, and guess how many showed up? Not So that was disappointing, obviously. So this week we're gonna have to see what was goin on with everyone and we're gonna have to get these people to church.
  Yesterday we also had what's called in this mission a sector slam (in Ryans last email he called it an invasion). Where all the missionaries in the zone go to one sector to work for a time. In this mission it's really easy to do cuz everyones so close together, so we just do it for a few hours. Anyway, we did it in one of my old sectors, El Valle! So that was really cool to walk around in that sector again, where I haven't been in over a how time flies. I also got to go visit my convert from that ward, Juanjo, who unfortunately hasn't been going to church, but we had a good lesson with him and I gave him a palo (stick) or two and told him to get back to church haha. It's a phrase here, if you give someone sticks it'd be like scolding I suppose in english. I don't even remember. Coming home will be a disaster in that sense hahaha. anyway....
  Today for pday we just sat around and rested, just like how it should be. We played some cards, ate some lunch, and did nothing. And it was good.
  I'm loving the sector though, I like having success in the mission, you are just happier in general. I'm still meeting the whole ward, but as a whole they seem alright. The sector is still gigantic and my poor legs are tired. It's a good place to be though.
  A funny thing from this week was our lunch on Friday. It was at this guy named Hermano Rhombergs house. He's from South Africa. So lunch was entirely in English. I'm not gonna lie, my brain was kinda stressed and felt wierd after solely speaking in english to people that aren't missionaries. It's weird to explain. But it was pretty neat. He kinda just updated us on politics and on technology and I was utterly lost. It was fun though.
  I also did divisions this week with an elder who is struggling here in the mission. struggling meaning that he doesn't wanna be here. So that was an interesting divisions. Everyones tried to help him since he got here like 9 months ago, but no one has. It was sad though, seeing and talking to him and hearing how he doesn't wanna be here and stuff. I personally love the mission and it's changed me a lot. It's changed my outlook on a lot of things, and I'm so happy that I came and that I'm here. There's nothing better I could be doing.
  This next week should be great too. We have interviews with president on Wednesday, and the temple on Thursday! Good stuff!
  Well I love you all and hope you're having a great time. Things are going great here. The weather is making no sense though, one day it was hot, then the temperature dropped sharply for about four days straight, and it's been bright and sunny outside for the past two days. Its good though, I'll be glad if Winter takes it's time to get here. Love you all, talk to you soon!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

Here's some pictures of the sector.
1. The nicer part of the sector

2. The not as nice part of the sector

3. The small airport here in the sector

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