Monday, April 4, 2011

Cambios - Zone Leader!


  Well, as the title says, the changes have come, and me and elder Russell are what you called whitewashed. O sea, that both of us left the sector. But I'll hit the theme of cambios a little later. First, our week.
  Like all the other weeks, this was a pretty normal/decent week here in Los Platanos. Not a ton of success, but here and there we had little good things happen to us. We had a few good lessons this week, one with a menos activo that is reactivtating himself and wants his sons to be baptized, and one with an hermana less active that wants her granddaughters to get baptized. So there could be some potential with those two families in having some baptisms. Carmen is still doing good, she was able to make it to conference for one of the sessions, and said she really liked it. She's all set to get baptized, but we just have to find a place to live for her. And that was essentially what happened with our investigators this week.
  Any other novedades in the week. Well, I did turn 21. I'm now an anciano/viejito/abuelito. But I had a good birthday, some members of the ward had a noche de hogar and we were there, and an hermana made a cake and it nice. I felt like at home.
  The weather is being super stubborn, it's still hot when it definitely shouldn't be. So the Chilean government pushed changing daylight savings time (we fall back an hour), all the way til may 7th.
  And this weekend was amazing. General conference, baby. What a blessing to listen to the prophets of God. Elder Holland put it all in perspective. Before the mish I took conference for granted, but now I understand the importance and significance of it, and I never wanna miss it. The mission helps you figure out what the important things in life are, haha. Its good though. Conference ruled, lots of good advice was given. I hope you all watched it.
  It's always funny, conference in the mission. Because all the missionaries come prepared to listen and sit in the same room for all day Saturday and half of Sunday. So everyone goes to the store, stacks up on the coke and junk food supply, and eats it during conference while we watch in a little room by ourselves in english.
  And last night. So after conference, we decided to say goodbye to some ward members and investigators, just in case we got changed. I kinda felt like we were both gonna get changed, but then again, I thought maybe I'd stay one more change. So we did that, then came home and waited for the phone call. It came, at 11:30 at night (technically we should be going to bed at that hour, and the office elders decide to call us and make us stay up ALL night if we get changed). And, guess what, the call said we were both changed. Oof. Elder Russell already assumed he was gone, so he had all his bags packed, but I had nothing done. So I packed all my junk (everytime I pack there's more and more stuff and I'm more and more amazed that somehow I fit it all). Then after that, we had to leave the sector for the new elders that were gonna get there. Imagine that, having to write down everything about the sector, the people, the investigators, the ward, everything, all onto paper no mas....and in spanish haha. Needless to say, at about 3:30, I was hitting the hay. I slept terribly cuz I didn't know what the future was gonna hold, and woke up at 7:30 to do some last minute packing, then an hermano from the ward came and got us and took us and our 50000 bags to the chapel where we met with all the missionaries.
  There they did the cambios, and I'm now in the sector called Tobalaba, in the zone La Reina. I was in this zone back in the day, and actually did divisions in this sector once. Next week I'll have a full report about the sector. Also, I've been called to be a zone leader. Essentially, me and my comp are in charge of the zone here, all 16 of us. So that's cool to know that president trusts me. Well see how it goes. It should be good, being zone leader is more responsibilty than a district leader, but it's easier I think. But now I'll find out.
  My comp is Elder White, from Simi Valley California. He got here at the same time I did, so that's cool. He's already been in this ward for four changes, and this is the fifth. So it's pretty sure that this is his last one here. Hes cool though, I've heard lots of good things about him. Haha, and he's going to BYU after the mission and living in Liberty Square (what a coincidence)!
  And here I am. I'm excited though, for a new change, for a new place to get to know, and for the work. Elder white says we have a lot of success lined up, even baptisms coming this week I think. So it should be really good. Los Platanos treated me real well, I love the members there, they're amazing. The work was just hard. But now there's new places to be and new people to meet, and this is where the Lord wants me to be.
  Love you all, thanks for all the birthday wishes, and hope you have a great week! Til we meet again. Pictures next week.

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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