Monday, March 28, 2011

Elder Mayberry in his New Suit!

Buenos días a todos!

Hope everyone is doing really well. This week was a pretty average week here in Los Platanos.
  We're still seeing some progress with our investigators, so that is good. Carmen is doing good. Her and Axel have decided after all not to get married, but that Carmen is gonna move out to another house once we can find one. In the end its a better decision for the both of them, she'll be able to get baptized, and they'll be able to work out any relationship problems they're having. But Carmen is really excited to get baptized and is progressing very well. We just gotta find a place for her to live and she can get baptized no problem.
  We also had a good thing happen on Sunday, when an hermano menos activo who is getting reacrivated, brought his two kids to church, who aren't baptized. So we have an appointment with them this week.
  We had a good lesson with our ex-priest family again, and we took the bishop this time. It was another good lesson. We left them with a book of Mormon to read and to have them pray about it. We still have to see how much progress they'll make though. But for now they're doing alright.
  And that's how the work is going here. It's the last week of the change, and to be honest, I want out haha. It's been hard here in Los Platanos, but it's been good. We'll see what the Lord wants though. I wouldn't mind stayting another change, but I'd prefer leaving I think.
  This week is a pretty important week for various reasons.
1. My birthday is on Thursday. Can't believe I'm turning 21, that's old.
3. Changes. So its gonna be a good week I think.
4. Dad has to sign me up for classes already.

  Today for P-Day, me and elder Russell went back to Cataldo, the suitmaker, and picked up my suit. It turned out really nice, I'll attach a picture or two, don't worry.
And that's my life. Hope you all have a great week! Talk to you in April. Wish me luck on changes
Elder Aaron Mayberry

1.Suit & vest

2.Suit & vest, unbuttoned


4.Suit, unbuttoned


6.Normal. Pants have cool pockets in the front

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