Monday, March 21, 2011



  This week was one of our best weeks here in Los Platanos. It was quite a relief to know that success is actually achievable in this sector.
  On Tuesday we did div's (divisions, or a mini cambio) and I went to another sector. It was good to go to another sector and everything and be with another comp, but for some strange reason I missed Los Platanos.
  On Wednesday, I got back to the sector, and found out that Elder Russell and the other elder, had some good success. They found a few new investigators, and things went really well for them. So Wednesday we had another really good day. We found a couple more new investigators, and had a cool lesson with a new family we found. The guy is an ex catholic priest, who studied for 10 years, and a good amount of that time was at the Vatican. After a while though, he decided that being a priest wasn't for him, and he wanted a family. So he got married and now has two kids. He's still a practicing Catholic and everything, but he's really receptive. He's definitely the smartest guy I've ever taught, he knows a ton about religion and theology in general. He's fun to teach though. We have another appointment with him and his family tomorrow night, so hopefully it goes really well.
  Thursday we had another capacitation (I dont think thats an English word, but it's like a training), and it was really good.
  Friday I had to go get my chilean ID card again, so I got to go around and see downtown Santiago and it was good. Can't believe it was my last time though, it felt like yesterday that I got it the first time a year ago.
  Then Saturday we had a great cita with Carmen and Axel. We put a fecha on Carmen for the 17th of April! And she accepted no problem, she wants to get baptized. And right after we put the baptismal date, we taught al tiro the law of chastity, cuz that's they're problem. She accepted it no problem, and on Sunday they even talked to the bishop to get advice on what they should do. So we're hoping for a baptism here in April!
  So we still just gotta see if the people we've found progress, but no we actually have a decent teaching pool. The mission is a lot more enjoyable when you're having success. We're pretty happy now, and hopefully the success just keeps going and doesnt just fade away.
  Oh yeah, so here all the kids went back to school recently after their summer break. All the college kids went back this week, and there's a pretty interesting tradition. All the sophmores, juniors, and seniors in the colleges haze the incoming freshmans. They take their backpacks and their shoes, tear up their clothes, throw nasty things on them like ketchup, mustard, or whatever, and then make the kids go into the street begging for money, and when they get a certain amount (10 thousand pesos.....20 bucks), they go back and can get their shoes and backpack back. So all this week you could see poor kids walking around beggin for money. I felt bad for them. I'm glad that doesnt happen in the states though haha. But I got a picture with some of the kids that were mechoneado (hazed) so you could see.
  Well family, I love you all. I love the mission, even if, at times, its hard and fome. It's by passing through trials that we learn and grow! Wish you all a great week and I'll talk to you soon!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

1. Plaza de Armas(cool site in santiago centro)

2. Me with the poor college kids

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