Monday, March 14, 2011


Hey everyone,

  This week was a pretty alright one.
  In terms of the work, there weren't too many changes. We still have a few investigators, but this week was really hard to meet up with them. We did however, have a family home evening with a family in the ward and our investigator Carmen and her boyfirend Axel and that went really well. The hermana shared good testimony and talked about all the things we needed her to talk about. We were planning on putting a fecha on Carmen (sorry, fecha is date, meaning a baptismal date) this past week, but we didn't get to teach her. So this week we're gonna do so.
  This week we were dedicating a lot of time to knocking doors. And unfortunately, it didn't go to well for us. But it's alright. Just gotta keep doing it no mas.
  We did have a cool ward activity this Saturday though. It was put on by the young mens program, and it was focussed on the mission work, and getting the youth excited about going on a mission. So they had a bunch of RMs set up little stands with a lot of pictures and little things from their missions, which was really cool to see. Kinda weird though, cuz I'd think to myself, like, wow, those guys were missionaries. And I'm actually a missionary haha. Cuz it's something that's like the focus of life for ages 0 to 19, and to actually be here is strange to think, that I'm actually on the mission. I dunno if I made any sense, but oh well.
  Today for P-Day, we went up to las Condes, the rich part of Santiago, and went to a mall up there and went to TGI Fridays for lunch. it was pretty good. It's always fun to explore the city.
  And that's my life. Not many changes. The work is still hard here, but we're doing our best and just going forward the best we can. The summer is starting to finally fade away (finally!), like today has been cloudy and gloomy all day, and it's been wonderful haha.
  Anyway, love you all and hope you all have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

1. Big ole military school

2. The mall we went to today

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