Monday, May 23, 2011

Como estan las cosas?

Hey everyone,

  This week was a good first week to start off the change. We had a decent amount of success and are seeing some new fruits so thats good.
  The week itself went by a little slow, but that's normal for the first week of the change. The weather was also a little crazy, being pretty cold all the way up til yesterday, and it's been hot these days.
  The investigators are doing alright. We only had one person in church again. Our investigators are struggling to get to church, and it's wierd, because they used to go before. This week a guy named Carlos went to church. He's the partner of an hermana that recently got reactivated. He's been a few times to church already and he likes to learn and likes the church a lot. But the problem is is that they aren't married. So we just gotta see what can happen with that. We've been teaching all the others and they're still good, some had legit excuses to not come to church, some didn't. We also found a bunch of new people this week which was good. We just have to see if these new ones progress.
  Tuesday we had an English class that the Bishop signed us up for, and that went well. We went the four of us misionaries and we ended up splitting the class in two parts, beginners and advanced. Me and my comp taught the advanced group, but it wasnt really teaching, it was just practicing with those that already speak english. So that was cool.
  Today for Pday, we travelled to the south of the mission and I bought myself a pair of leather scripture covers. They're amazing. I'll have to show you pictures when I get the final product. Hopefully they turn out well! We're also down here and gonna go buy something else that my comp wants to get from some hermano that is in this ward.
  And that was the week. Nothing crazy, nothing too important. Life goes on here in Santiago. The mission work is amazing, our zone is doing good, and it's fun being with someone from my group and has the same time. It seems that we spend a lot of time talking about trunky subjects though ahha, since there's only 11 weeks left. Thats so crazy. I'm not trunky though, I'm excited for this last bit of time I have in the mission.

Love you all and hope you have a great week! Talk to you next week!

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