Monday, May 9, 2011

Feliz dia de la madre!

Hey everyone!

  First off it was great to see you all and talk to you yesterday!!! It really gave me a lot of animo to keep going for the rest of the 3 months. And since we talked a lot yesterday, this email won't have too much haha. Anyway, heres what happened in the week.
  We had one investigator at church, named Matias. Hes the son of an hermano who got active in the church a little ago. The hermano is the only one in his family baptized, and we've been working with matias for a month or so. Basically since I got here. And he came to church for the first time yesterday. So we were happy with that. But other than him, the rest of our investigators let us down because none went to church and all said they would. We honestly are really confused with some, especially Jenny, the investigator that read the BoM already. She hasnt been to church for like 3 or 4 weeks now. So we're jsut gonna take a secret weapon to our next lesson with her. and the secret weapon is......President Laycock :) So hopefully Pres gets the job done and makes sure that she gets baptized here soon.
  And thats all the progress with our investigators. Nothing really exciting happened this week apart from the phone call, which was great. Today we have a mission activity and from what we hear its supposed to be really good.

And thats all i got. Hope you all have a great week and ill talk to you on monday!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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