Monday, May 16, 2011

El empezar el cambio 15

Hey everyone!

  It was a great week this week, it was a pretty different one, so this letter should be a little more exciting. And I got some good pictures to put at the end, and also changes happened. So first with the changes. I stayed (obviously), and Elder White left (again, it was obvious). My new comp is named Elder Sheahan, he's from Montana, came at the same time as me, and guess what....he has a twin serving in the Chile Osorno mission haha. What're the odds? And then something even more interesting happened with the changes. So there was 4 of us here in the sector right? Me, White, and the other companionship, elders Vargas and Burton. So elders White and Burton left, and are now comps, in my old sector of Pirque. They're so lucky! Anyway...
  So this week was a good one. So last Monday, like I said in the phone call, we had an activity as a mission. We all got together, watched the movie The Other Side of Heaven, drank dr. pepper, and ate popcorn. So that was a lot of fun. The movie made evryone trunky though haha. Oh well, we got over it. Then on Thursday we did divs and an elder came to my sector to be with me, and the next day we did divs again and I went over to one of my old sectors El Valle. It was really cool to be in one of my old sectors, seeing familiar faces, and even seeing some of the stuff that I did. Before I left we had found this person, and it turns out that a little ago she was baptized and is the second counselor of the relief society. And then we actually taught one of the people I was teaching. So that was a really cool experience.
  Then on Saturday we had a service project as a zone. There was a stake relief society activity, and we thought it'd be cool if we served all the hermanas their lunch, like a way to give back the service they always do for us in giving us lunches. Not too big of a service right? Wrong. It turns out the people that were there to do all the work, prepare the food, pass it out, clean, and all the other chores necessary to make an activity work, was the stake president, an hermano that was the chef, and us 12 missionaries. It turned out to be a loooooot of work. A few hours later we were finally able to eat a ton of barbequed chicken, and everyone was happy. The stake president was so happy in fact, that he invited the whole zone over on Sunday for once.
  So Sunday in the afternoon, we went over to the stake presidents house, chatted a bit and ate some nice gringo food like chocolate chip cookies and brownies haha (the stake pres. lived in the US for like 12 years). So it was good. Church was alright, we didn't get anyone in church, but at the start of the second hour, an investigator showed up so it all worked out in the end. But we need to find some new people now, and see whats wrong with the rest of our people and why they arent coming to church. After church, we took pictures of the sector, cuz elder white figured it was gonna be his last time here.
  And that was basically our week. Today we had the change meeting, and went back to our sector, ordered pizza, I took an hour nap, and here we are. Today at the change meeting it was kinda a wake up call because it's coming to be a reality that the mission is pretty much over. Theres only 2 more changes including this one, people tell me I'm going home next change, and at the next change meeting I'll only have 6 weeks left. Thats just crazy. Just gotta keep pushing along for these last 12 weeks. It's not a lot of time, and it's the only time in my life ill be able to do what I'm doing, so you just gotta do it the best you can. And thats what I plan on doing. I love the work, the mission rules, and the church is true! Love you all a ton and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Me and Elder Erickson(my MTC comp who goes home in 2 weeks to go back to school at Westpoint

 Me again

 Me and Colo Colo

 Trunkyness in my sector

Me and Elder White.

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