Monday, October 4, 2010

Una Semana buena!

  This week was actually a really good one. Hooray! Quite a few good things happened and the week ended in the best possible way it could have, with General Conference.
  A little about the week though. So we finally got rid of our old garbage bikes and got new ones! They work really well and we're now flying around our sector on our new bikes. It's petty fun. I had to get used to riding them again though, becuse I wasn't in shape, but now I'm back in bike riding shape and we're going good. It really does save us a ton of money to be using the bikes, and it's more fun than just sitting in a stupid bus. Sometimes we do races with the other two elders to lunch and stuff and it makes it fun. I think I'm gonna start losing some much needed weight now that we have the bikes and summer is starting to kick in.
  This week I also did a companion exchange, which we just call divs (short for divisions) in one of the more flaite sectors in the mission, Chiloé. So that was super weird actually being in a normal sector again haha. It's not as good as Pirque. Because in your normal sectors you get people that bug you, yelling things at us, and they're always blasting their music super loud at whatever time they please. Pirque is just super calm and relaxed and I love it. I really hope I stay here another change. We'll see though. Changes are already only two weeks away, which is crazy.
  In terms of more spiritual things, things are doing really well. We have had some good things come to pass in terms of our investigators. When I was with elder Deaver we decided to go try and visit an old investigator, somone that listened to the missionaries before. Her name is Paulina and we taught her twice I think and then she just disappeared. A week or so later we come to find out that she had been in the hospital and she had gotten a tumor removed. We never got in to teach her again, because shortly thereafter, she disappeared again. But like two weeks ago she came back and it turns out she has cancer, and she's going through chemotherapy now. She said that it was detected super early and that she should be fine, and while she was in the hospital, she took her Book of Mormon and read it often and she said that it helped her a lot in her stay there. This last week we got to teach her again (well I didn't, my comp and another did while I was on divs) and she came to conference this Sunday! So we're hoping to see a lot of progress in her these upcoming weeks.
  Also, you remember how last week I said that that kids mom told us not to come by anymore? Well, nothing changed in that situation, but we received an even better gift from the Lord. We are teaching the niece of a member here now. This niece, whose name is Marianela, is like 20 and came up here to Santiago from the south to study. Because of recent events that have happened in her life (she got pregnant in the south), she decided that she needed to turn her life in a new direction. So she comes here, lives with her aunt(a faithful member) and realizes that God has put everything in her path so that she can turn her life around and be happy. So yeah, she already wants to get baptized. She's already reading the Book of Mormon and the book Gospel Principles, and also came to church these past couple sundays. She's what you call a golden investigator. So me and elder Costner are very happy for this blessing. She wants to get baptized in November, because her birthday is then and she wants it to be like a symbol of her rebirth. She feels the guilt for the things she's done wrong in her life and told us that she wants to repent and be baptized so that she can be forgiven of her wrongdoings. So yeah. Things are basically going good here in Pirque!
  And then to top it off we had conference this weekend and it was so good! I love it. I can't believe how little I appreciated conference when I was at home. Conference is a great time and we can hear what God wants us to hear and how blessed are we to have a prophet like in the olden days? It's so good to be a member of the church. Some highlights for me, President Uchtdorfs talks (all of them), Elder Costa (who had just visited us here in the mission) and I can't remember the others. I can't wait to read them again in the Liahona to get a better hold on everyting.
  Today we went to a place called San José de Maipo, the only other non-city sector in the mission besides Pirque, we ate a bunch of shish-kebobs, completos, and played some stick baseball. Twas fun.
  And like Ryan already mentioned, we turn 14 months in the mission tomorrow, and a year in Chile. So only 10 months left on my mission, which is actually quite depressing. I love the mission and seeing the blessings of the gospel in peoples' lives. The church is true, hope you all have a great week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Pirque

2. Me and elder Costner at a waterfall we found

3. The four missionaries at the waterfall

4. Missionary work at its best

5. From the activity today, no one is looking at he camera because just at that moment a huge gust of wind blew smoke and ashes from the campfire in our faces

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