Monday, October 25, 2010

Good week!

Hello everyone!
  So the first week of this change is already over. That was a fast, and pretty good week. We had a few cool experiences that I'll share.

  Oh yeah, I  don't know if I told you last week, but I'm no longer district leader, so now I don't have to worry about preparing a class. It was nice just sitting and listening in class on Tuesday and not worry about talking for the whole time haha. Anyway.
 Our investigators are doing alright. We had a sad turnout on Sunday, when we thought we were gonna have a couple. So that is honestly a bit disappointing. All the work you do in the week leads up to Sunday and seeing if your investigators get to church. And this week we just had one. We worked quite a bit, so like I said, it was disappointing. But yeah. The one that went to church was Marianela, who is still going strong as a golden investigator toward her baptismal date on the 14th. We found a new couple this week, but we just gotta see how good they are and if they actually progress. But that's basically our investigators and how they're doing.
 We rode our butts off this week on the bikes and I was pretty exhasuted after this week. We've been going place to place trying to get inactives to come to church, to find new people, to teach the peopel we have, and we ride pretty fast at the same time. So it gets tiring, but I'm adjusting. Actually I'm pretty well adjusted.
  We did have a few cool spiritual experiences this week though. There were 3 that come to mind.
1. So we were teaching Marianela on Tuesday night, and we had taught what we were gonna teach, and we were getting ready to go, but then she began telling us that she had received her for sure answer that the church is true! That's like what all missionaryies are waiting to hear out of their investigators. She said she already knew that it was true, but now she's gotten the spiritual response, and knows for sure for sure. So how cool is that?
2. Also happened with Marianela. We were teaching her on Saturday. Actually, quick note, on Friday we went by to see how she was doing and she was crying and not having a good day, so we tried to give her some words of animo (motivating?) and we left. So Saturday we went by and she told us that she had gotten into a fight with her Aunt (who shes living with) and was about to pack her bags and head back home to the south. She continued telling us that on Friday her aunt came home, and told Marianela, "See? were you not paying attention to what the Elders told you?" Because when we taught her tuesday, we warned her about how Satan would be trying hard so that she didn't get baptized. She then realized that this was the case. That if she would've gone home she would've never got baptizsed. But all is well. She is here and she's going strong. It was a cool feeling to know that I was used as an instrument in the Lords hand to warn her about things.
3. So we were riding home, not knowing what to do on Saturday. I was thinking in my mind what we should do and I was drawing blanks. I remembered a contact that we did though, that told us to go back on the weekend. But I thought in my head, nah, nothing will come of it. But immediately after that, I remembered a lesson I learned earlier in the mission, to always pass by all contacts a second time, no matteer how bad they seem. But I kinda brushed away the thought and we kept riding. But as we got close to where this contact was, I got a strong impression to go there. So we went. We called at the door, the lady said hold on a minute, came back, then said, come on in! Haha. So yeah. Good stuff.
  Today for P-Day we did absolutely nothing and it was good. :)
  Uh-huh. Things are going good here in Pirque. I'm loving it still. I can't wait for the rest of this change, Marianelas baptism, and all the other cool stuff that is bound to happen haha. This week is gonna be a cool one, tomorrow we're going to the Temple, and on Wednesday we get to listen to Elder Corbridge of the Seventy. So it should be cool. Love you all and hope you have great weeks!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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