Monday, October 11, 2010

Mao meno no ma'

   It was a pretty average week this week here in Pirque. Nothing interesting happened at all haha. It definitely went by way too fast though. It's just like everyone says, every change and every week goes by faster as you get more time in the mission, and especially after you hit one year. Ever since the year mark time has been going faster than normal, I'm not kidding. I turned 14 months in the mission this last week, so my time is dwindling down. There's still a lot to do here in Santiago though, haha.

  Anyway. The week started off pretty good. We had our zone class on Tuesday and I gave the district class like normal. I always feel that my classes aren't any good haha, but maybe that's just me. Or maybe they really are bad. Hopefully not the latter.
  I'll just start talking about our investigators. They're doing good. Marianela, the girl we found last week, is still doing really really well. She gets the gospel. Like she understands it really well, and it still doing good to be baptized in November. We've almost taught her all the lessons already, and she understands everything perfectly. She came to church on Sunday and was our only investigator there. The other investigators we have are doing alright. No one is progressing a ton, but they're progressing little by little.
  We did service work two times this week and that was good. The first time we went to help a family move out of Pirque, and the second service we went and helped a family build their new house a little bit.
  We also had to change the time on Saturday. So we sprang forward and lost an hour of sleep, so that wasn't the funnest thing.
  And this Sunday, already, are changes again. I can't believe how fast these changes are coming. It felt like seriously last week that I was just getting my new comp. As for these changes I honestly have no idea what's gonna happen. I've been here for three so far, so I'd say its about a 50 percent chance of me going and a 50 percent chance of me staying. I really hope I stay though, I don't wanna leave this sector yet.
  And there you have it. Sorry this email is not very interesting at all haha, but that's just how the week was. Nothing too exciting happened, was just a normal week of being a missionary. And if you're wondering what I did today for pday, I did nothing. And it was good. I'm gonna try to get a lot of pictures and stuff this week, just in case it's my last one here in Pirque. Hopefully not. But we shall see no mas. I'm very happy here in the mission and am loving it. I hope you're all doing well wherever you may be. Summer is starting to kick in here in Santiago, and it's gonna be a hot one. We're just starting spring and it's been up to 26 degrees already. Haha, I'm still not too used to the metric system, I like our system in the States that makes no sense better. Anyway. Love you all and hope you all have a great week. I shall let you know my fate in the mission in my next email. Take care!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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