Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seis semanas mas en Pirque!

Hello everyone!
I hope everything went well for you guys this past week. It was a good week for Chile as a country and a pretty decent week for us here in Pirque.

  So yeah, the big news in the world apparently was that the Chilean miners were all rescued and are safe and sound. The whole country was going crazy pretty much, and it was all that was on the TV for like a week straight haha. Everyone said that they showed it so much that people here got tired of hearing about the miners. But it's still a really cool story and they're all safe and sound. So good stuff for Chile. Pretty cool place to be serving a mission though, interesting stuff happens here, gigantic earthquake, miner rescue, bicentennial, all for my mission haha. Pretty lucky I suppose. Haha side note, it was pretty funny, the President of Chile, after the last miner was rescued, said a curse word on national tv. Good stuff...
  The work is going good here in Pirque though. We're still seeing some good things happen, but we need to work harder to see even better things. Our best investigator is still Marianela, who is still going really strong and getting baptized the 14th of November. So that is good. She's been to church a bajillion times already, and she's already read the whole Gospel Principles book, so she basically knows what the church is about and stuff, and she has felt that it's the step she needs to take in her life. So yeah. The other investigators we have are beginning to progress, or have stopped progressing for a moment. So we need to find some new ones. We've been knocking a decent amount this week, but we haven't had too much success. As the four of us here in Pirque, we're working on trying to knock the entire sector, and we're getting close haha. There's just a few more parts that we need to get. Sometimes I really hate knocking, sometimes I just deal with it, and rarely do I like doing it haha. But it's something you just gotta learn to love. One elder once told me something cool that really helps your mentality while knocking, every next house that you knock could be that person or family that has just been waiting for the gospel. So you just gotta keep going along, hoping for those people.
  Some interesting events here in Pirque for the week...
  Yesterday we were riding our bikes and and this lady stopped us. She asked us a weird question, she asked us who we are. It's a weird question because everyone and their brother knows who those weird gringos in white shirts are, that they're mormons. But this lady didnt know, hence, the question took us by surprise. Then we found out why....she's from New York, haha. She moved from Chile to New York at age 6, and was there her whole life, and came back here 2 years ago. And in the states you rarely see missionaries in the street, so that's why she didn't know who we are. But anyway, i did a VERY rusty English contact, and it came out super funny, but she said we could pass by some day haha. We'll give teaching in English a shot and see how it goes.
  Also, the familia San Martin, who we live with, bought ten baby ducks! We now have a bajilion pets in the backyard, like 20 chickens, 10 baby chicks, and now ten baby ducks. So it's cool.
  Church was good this week. We only had one investigator in the church(Marianela), but we had some less actives go that we've been working with, and yeah.
  Haha I almost forgot to tell you guys that I'm staying here in Pirque again! We got the call last night and all four of us are staying here in Pirque for this change. So that is exciting. I'm really happy cuz now I'll be here for Marianelas baptism and hopefully a lot more good stuff that will happen in the coming weeks. Even though we were staying, we went to the change meeting today and I got to catch up with old comps, old friends, and all that good stuff. Then we came back to the pension, ate lunch, and I took a little nap, and here we are now.
  Well, I love you all and hope you're having a great time in the States. It's going really well here, and I'm super pleased that I stayed again here in Pirque. That means that I will have spent a good chunk of my mission, 6 months, here in this amazing sector at the end of this change. The church is true without a doubt, and it blesses lives. I love this work. Talk to you next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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