Monday, September 27, 2010

1 Week after the big party!

Hi everyone!

  So it's back to normal missionary work here in Chile after the big party. It was a pretty normal week in terms of stuff we did, things that got accomplished.
  This week did have some up and downs though with the investigators and stuff. Lets see. Catalina got confirmed on Sunday, so that was pretty cool. Sunday was a good day for us in the chapel though, we had 76 people, which is good just for a branch. We had a few investigators, the other elders did, and some inactives we've been working with recently also ended up going so that's really good. So it was nice to see some fruits to our labors this Sunday.
  Sorry, I'm having some writers block today, I can't think of anything that happened last week.
  Other investigators. We found a kid named Sebastian the other week, and he was super interested in the gospel, and we went by one day and his mom was outside and she asked us if we were waiting for Sebastian, we said yeah, and she said, don't wait anymore, you can't come to this house, his dad found out you were meeting with him and he isn't too happy..... So we were super disappointed about that. But oh well, the work goes on. We did receive some blessings in turn though, which was good. We found some people that were nicely placed into our hands, and those are always welcome. We did a lot of knocking this week, but we didn't have too much luck finding.
  We do have some good news though, tonight we get out new bikes! The mission bought four new bikes for us cuz the other ones were so broken, so we're getting them tonight finally. And this week that's coming should be a good one. I can't believe we're already gonna start week 4 of this change, it's going by so fast.
  But things are going great here in Chile. I love the mission and this work and seeing the gospel bless peoples' lives. Sorry for the short email, it'll be better next time. But yeah, love you all and hope you're all doing good back at home! I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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