Monday, September 6, 2010

Cambios, not so major!

Hello everyone!
It was a pretty good week here in Pirque, so that is good. There were also some big changes here with the cambios, but not quite as big as Ryans'. But it's still big haha. I'll start off with how our week went and stuff just to leave you all in suspense about what happened :)

  So all this week we continued with the capacitations with president and those went really well. But to be honest I was really tired of having to go all the way to where we went every day in the morning. But it's ok now because we're done. But I learned a TON and a lot of stuff that will help our investigators we have now, and the ones we're gonna find, progress in the gospel. So that's good.
  I forgot to mention a couple things last week though in the last email. First off. So there's a guy in the ward named Pablo, who just left for his mission a week or two ago. So the day before he left we were with him and it brought back tons of memories from about a year back, of when I was about to enter the MTC. It was pretty cool. But poor Pablo, he still has a whole two years left of his mission haha. It seems like it's such a long time! But yet here I am, with a year and a month already, which is crazy. I can't believe how fast time flies in the mission. It goes faster than normal, trust me.
  Another thing that happened last week was actualy a pretty traumatic experience. So lemme start off by remembering you of the pets we have in our house. Not our pets, but the pets of the San Martin family we live with. They have lots of chickens and two dogs. One of the dogs is a killer-haha. Not of people of course, but of some dogs. His name is Gary. So one day I was outside looking at the new baby chicks the family brought home and Gary comes out back. He's just walking around no big deal, until one of the chicks gets startled and made some quick movements and Garys instinct kicked in and he started chasing it! He eventually cornered it and got it and started eating it, meanwhile I'm yelling at it and trying to get it off the chick, but it was too late. Like I said, traumatic. Trying to heave the dog off. The poor little chick. Pretty interesting experience though, not something that happens everyday.
  Anyway, now to talk about better things haha. Our investigators are doing good. Yesterday was Stake Conference and it was good. Cata, the sister of Mauricio, the recent convert, is still going to church every week but still doesn't wanna get baptized. Alexander finally agreed to go to church this Sunday and he was all ready to go, but when the morning came his mom didnt let him...ugh! Those are frustrating experiences. But other than that we're looking and have some other people that we will see if they progress.
  Ahh. If you didnt know, Chile's independence day is the 18th of September. And its the bicentenial, I think that's how its called in english. 200 year birthday. So everyone is getting ready for the huge party. Everyones got their flags out, blasting typical Chilean music, and buying all the meat for the big barbeques. And the San Martins bought a few chickens to cook to eat in a soup and are gonna buy a pig to cook also haha. So it's pretty cool to see all the excitement. And we're gonna have a mission activity to celebrate this Thursday! So that will be fun. Still no word on what we're gonna do but it will be good for sure.

  And now the moment youve all been waiting for........the changes.
  Well I'm still here! But I have a new companion. His names Elder Costner and he's from New Mexico. He has like 10 months in the mission. But where's the big news, is probably what you're asking. Well, Elder Deaver is also still here in Pirque. There's 4 missionaries now! Which is pretty big news. So we got split up to bring in two new people. So it's interesting. It should be really good. The branch has been wanting 4 again so it can keep growing. I'm still district leader though, which is not that much fun, but what can you do? And also, two brand new bikes are coming to Pirque, hallelujah! We're gonna get the other two fixed this week and with the two new ones we'll all be ready to ride around the sector. So it should be good. This week should be a fun one.
  Well that's about it for now. I love you all and hope you enjoyed the letter. I'm attatching a couple fotos too for you to enjoy. I hope you're all doing great in the states. I'm loving it here in Chile, ready to enjoy another six weeks in wonderful Pirque. CuĂ­dense mucho! Chau!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Me playing with the chickens (I never knew they could jump)

2. The cool secret castle in the sector that barely anyone sees(but we're that cool that we can)

3. Me in front of the castle

4. Inside the castle that was destroyed by the earthqueake. A whole tower fell down. Look in the first picture you can tell. But thats why we have the hardhats haha, in case it were to fall down again :)

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