Monday, September 13, 2010

Como Estamos?

Hello everyone!

  Things are going great in Pirque. We're already seeing tons of good things coming from the 4 missionaries here. It's super excciting.
  Let's see, I suppose I'll start with the week and go in a nice little order. Cuz it seems like a lot has happened this week, but I cant tell if it has haha. So lets see. Monday, as you know was changes and I already told you all about that. My comp is Elder Costner and he's a cool guy. I promise you a foto next week, because I didn't bring my camera. We're doing good though. Tuesday was the fist district class of the change, and I had to give my silly class, which I'm not the biggest fan of doing-haha. But it went well. The rest of the week went kinda normal, except for a few interesting days. On Tuesday night we had our mission activity for the 18th of September and it was ok. The only good thing that came out of it was seeing all the missionaries and we watched an inspiring movie, "Hoosiers". It's an old basketball movie. It was good. And inspiring haha. But yeah. On Saturday we had our branch activity for the 18th and it was really good. We played soccer, ate tons of meat and did Chilean things haha. I took lots of pictures. And also, Saturday night, being Septermber 11th, we had to go in the pension early, because a while back there was a government overthrow on the 11th of september, and now its evolved into like national anarchy day, so all the missionaries went in early. I'm in the most tranquilo sector in the mission though, so nothing even happened. But still exciting I suppose haha. And that was basically our week.
  Investigators. I'll talk fast about them. So really this week we saw lots of progress with Mauricios sister, Catalina, and she's getting baptized on Sunday! So that's really cool. And guess whos gonna baptize her? Mauricio, my convert!!! That's like a missionary dream come true haha. So it's a really great time here in Pirque. Also, we had a really cool family home evening in the house where we live and we had a super spiritual lesson with the four of us missionaries teaching the husband (who isn't a member) of the hermana. And the day after, in the morning, he said to us, "gringos, give me a month and a half and I'll be baptized". So that was really cool. We'll just have to see though and make sure he stops smoking. So we'll see. But we're super excited. The four of us have some big hopes for the branch of Pirque now and we're really excited to get working and find more people and get this branch moving.
  But yeah. That was basically the week. Today, it was Elder Saenz's birthday, so we came up to the big mall and ate at a buffet haha. So I'm happy. Things are going great though, I love the mission and I can't wait for what's to come. The HUGE celebration is this week so it should be a fun one. I'll make sure to send a ton of pictures home next week showing the festivities of the 200th anniversary of Chilean independence. I'll be eating lots of barbeques and stuff and doing Chilean things. Should be good! I love you all and hope you're all getting back into the swing of things after summer vacation haha. My vacation still isn't for another 11 months but that's ok. Missionary work rules. I love it. Alright, gotta go, cuídense harto ya?

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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