Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm six months old this week!

Wow it's crazy that this month I will be turning 6 months in the mission. That means a quarter of it is already done. My how time flies...

  Well this week was, yet again, hard.....Our sector is kinda in a drought at the moment, for us and also the other Elders in the sector. So that isn't too fun. Well I'll start off with the progress of our investigators. The flaites are doing ok. At the moment the only one thats progressing is Maria Jose and her boyfriend Juan, whose already a member. But they have been steadily improving. We watched some of the animated book of mormon stories with them and they loved them and kept them for a day and watched all 12 that were on the disc, so that was cool. We really just need to get past the big two obstacles with them at the moment, so we´re gonna start focusing on that. First we´re gonna set a goal to stop smoking, and then with time a date to get married if that's what they decide they wanna do. But they're doing good.
  Juan Jose and his family is also improving. His mom has a lot of interest and stuff. And her sister is listening too when we´re there teaching. They just need to pray and receive an answer that it's all true. We've been talking a lot about baptism with them and how its important and necessary and they understand it, they just wanna be sure about it. Like I said, they lack the answer to the prayer. But that'll come.
  And that's basically all the investigators we have at the moment that are progressing. We´ve been trying to find some new ones to teach but it's been really hard and we´ve had very little success. We do have one prospective person though. His name is Ricardo. He´s 31 but looks like he's in his mid 20s. He doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs, and that's why he looks so young. We have a lesson with him set up for Wednesday, so that should be a good one. But yeah, thats all we got at the moment. Its been rough.

Other things during the week....
  So in chile the ID card they used is called a carnet. And we as missionaries need to get a carnet for foreigners, which we get at like around 6 months. So on Friday me and Elder Frost went to get it. Elder Frost has to renew his because it has already expired after a year. But yeah, so we woke up bright and early at 5 to leave by 6 and get to the church offices by 7. We got there on time then the lady told us where to go and we left and got to the big visa office place and waited in a big line and got a number. After waiting like 15minutes a voice comes over the intercom and says that the system is broken and that it will be fixed in three to four hours......So we called the lady in the office and she said to just go back there and we´d have to do it another day....So we wasted lots of time haha and have to do it all over again on Wednesday. That should be fun...
  Hmmm, yeah it was a boring week so I don't have much to talk about, I'm sorry.
  OH. I remembered something that happened. So me and Elder Frost were walking home along the big graffitti wall on the way back to the pension one night. As we´re walking we see a black dog in the street barking at a bunch of dogs behind a fence. A bus turns around the corner. The dogs continue barking and the black one keeps standing there. I realize what was about to happen, and sure enough, it happened. I see it unfold in front of my eyes (we were like 10 feet from the dog), and I turn my head when it was gonna happen and THUD THUD followed by dog yelps which slowly stopped.....Oh man, it was intense. But yeah, witnessed my first dog getting hit by a car here in Chile, and I'm sure there's more to come. But it wasn't that fun, I wouldn't recommend it. But one of the more interesting things that happened in the week.
  But yeah, that was basically the week here in El Valle. Nothing too exciting. But it's all good. The work is great and I love it. The next time you'll hear from me, there will have been cambios, so that'll be exciting. Well, til next time!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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  1. Hello I am the Bishop of the Valley Ward, just wanted to say that Elder Mayberry is a great missionary and I am delighted that he is serving in my Ward, has been a great support along with the other missionaries, I would say also to the Mayberry Elder parents who have to be proud of your child, do not worry, while this in our Ward will take care like my own son :)

    May our heavenly Father will fill you with blessings

    I hope they understand that this is not English:)