Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello everyone. Another week gone by here in good ole Santiago.

  So I shall start off at the beginning of the week. Well, not really. Cuz nothing too terribly exciting happend at all this week haha. So I'll just skip around and say anything that happened. Tuesday I did divisions with Elder Maxfield, the newest Elder in the sector. He got here with me on the mission. It went well. Im glad I took Spanish before the mission, you can really see a difference between him an I, so I am grateful that I did that haha. Hes an alright guy though. He's different from me Elder Frost and Elder Devitry though, we´re all like goofy and do stupid things but he's very serious about everything. But oh well, people are different.
  What else happened in the week. I forgot to take notes, so that's not good haha. But really, nothing too exciting happened. We did a sector slam (when all the missionaries in a zone, go to one of the sectors to work for a couple hours) and knocked for a couple hours and got rejected by everyone...I suppose that's exciting. Not really haha.
  Anyway, Ill just start talking about the investigators' progress. They're doing better. Maria Jose, the flaite girl smokes. We've been trying to help her stop smoking for like a month but she wasn't progressing. Out of nowhere though, she said that she got the willpower to actually do it and the other day she only smoked one and a half cigarettes as opposed to 20. So that's really cool. She seems a lot happier as she's doing it. So hopefully she keeps going til shes done. Juan Jose's family is doing ok. Cecilia, his mom, is progressing. She's like just about to accept to be baptized, she just neds a little bit more. She's already said that she knows that everything we've taught is true, but she says that baptism is a very serious thing and that she wants to be super ready. So we just need a little more time with her. I think she'll have a date by the end of the week. Hopfully she can get baptized before they move though. Juan Jose is one of my favorite people here in Chile. He LOVES us. He's already talking about serving a mission and stuff, and he's only 11. He wants to come to the States. I told him if he does I'll go look for him to say hi - haha. But yeah, I love seeing the changes that this gospel makes in peoples lives for the better. Did I tell you about Ricardo? The 31 year old guy that doesn't smoke or drink or do drugs? I think I did. Well we taught him again finally and we learned that he is a super cool guy. Like one of the best people I've seen here. In his spare time he helps kids do the right things in life. He organizes soccer teams so that they can stay on a good path in life, gets mad when they say bad words, then invites all the kids in the neighborhood to go over to his house and have some drinks and play playstation 3. That's unheard of by the way, that he has a playstation 3. He's the first person I've seen. They're like double or triple the price here, all electronics are super expensive. But yeah, hopefully he progresses more.
  Disappointing thing was Sunday though, when only one investigator (Maria Jose) came to church when we were supposed to have like 7 or 8. But life goes on. Hopefully we can get a lot of teaching done this next week.
  Today for P-Day we went and played soccer with another zone and I'm super tired. I'm just not in shape to run. But I still held my own, so that's good. Then you know what we had for lunch? Dominoes! Man it was delicious. We had pepperoni and chorizo, which is basically like hot dog pieces. It was super good.
  Oh yeah, we went to that one guys house from the Stake again. Hermano Moya. He lives in the are that looks like the united states. And his daugters speak Spanish. It was cool and we had an amazing lunch. Steak and mashed potatoes.
  And that's all I got for this week. The weather is cooling down a little bit, so that's good. I found a bunch of good ties in the feria the other day for super cheap so that's really good. And the mission is really cool. I love it. The church is true. Love you all and I'll talk to you again next week!

Oh yeah, here's some more pictures.

1.Soapaipillas, a typical fried thing you buy from street vendors-tasty

2. Juan jose made us soapaipillas in the shapes of our names

3. Me and rustys long lost cousin

4. Rustys long lost cousin with big ears

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