Monday, February 15, 2010

Wena Wena!

Hello everyone and happy Valentines day! I had a pretty interesting week. Nothing too exciting in terms of investigators or progress : (    But other things that happened were pretty interesting haha.

  So in the beginning of the week. Nothing happened haha. But Wednesday we had a pretty funny lunch that's worth noting. At lunch was a 97 year old woman, one of the oldest people I've seen in Chile, but the weird thing was that she was in very good health. She walked with a cane that's all. And she was hard of hearing so the family basically yelled at her the whole time, haha. But she was really funny cuz she messed with us, like she hit one of the elders and told him to hit the next one, like passing it along. Later she tried hitting Elder Frost with her cane as a joke. It was just funny cuz she was old and still liked to have a good time. Hopefully I'm like that...
  Then Friday came. FRIDAY OF DEATH. So I wake up Friday morning to go play ping pong (there's a park with a table next to our house). We 4 were gonna go, but I didn't feel too good. I told the other Elder who was waiting for me that I didn't think I'd be able to go cuz my stomach was hurting. Sure enough, 15 mintues later, there I was in the bathroom throwing up. And I felt really good after so I thought it was over with. Nope. Every hour and 15 mintutes, like clockwork, I was back in the bathroom throwing up. This lasted til like 3 and then I was just exhausted and laid down in my bed and slept til 9. Before, I slept in between the throwing up sessions, but not too well. One of those times I was sleeping I was interrupted by an earthquake haha. That was cool. But yeah, at 9 I get out of bed, feeling decent, walk around the pension a bit and find Elder Frost cleaning. He tells me, I sure hope you didn't drink out of this container, there was mold in it.......I had. I made kool aid the night before and drank like half the pitcher, but didnt realize that the stuff in the container was mold. I am so stupid haha. So basically it was self inflicted misery for Friday. Way to go Elder Mayberry....
  But Saturday SOO made up for it. So Elder Frost in one of his sectors became friends with some of the members, and one of these families was getting sealed and invited him, so, being his comp, I gotta go to the sealing too! It was basically one of the most amazing experiences ever. The spirit was so strong it was incredible. Just confirms to me that this gospel is really true, and it's impossible to deny. When we were there you could really truly feel that their marriage was going to last forever, and not just in this life. It was also really cool because I was reminded of when we got sealed as a family. What an incredible experience. Church is true.
  Ok in terms of investigators, basically it's really slow. No one's making any great progress. We really need to work hard with them right now so they progress and we also need to try really hard to find new people. So me and Elder Frost will be tryng a lot to do that this week. Hopefully we get some kind of success, I shall be sure to let you all know how it goes.
  But yeah, thats all for this week. Thanks for all the support and love and prayers and everything. It really means a lot. Hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you again soon! Oh, I'm gonna attach some pictures :)
Elder Aaron Mayberry

1. Funny sign in Lider (Go usa!)


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