Monday, January 25, 2010

What a week!

  Yeah, this week has been a very interesting one. One of the harder more stressful ones since I got here in Chile. I´ll elaborate, don't worry. Just lots of stuff going on recently that has made the work hard. But it wasn't all too bad, there was some good parts of the week.

  So lets see, to start of the week. Things were ok at the beginning of the week. Except Monday night we got a call from one of the missionaries in the office and he had a favor to ask of us. He said that the MTC here in Chile wanted some Elders from the mission to take out some of their missionaries into the field for a day so they could practice. So on Tuesday we had to do that. We had to go all the way to the church offices here then pick up the Elders, then go back to our sectors to work. I was with an Elder named Elder Ortiz, from Viña del Mar here in Chile. All of the missionaries that came with us were going to Colombia but their flights and stuff got delayed so they had to stay at the MTC a little longer so this is why we had to do this in the first place. Hopefully you can understand haha. But yeah, it was ok with him. A little different. Made me wonder if I made the same rookie mistakes when I got here to the field-HA. But yeah, then we had to go take them back at 9, a lot earlier than we normally go in. So then we had to do this on Wednesday and Thursday as well... not too fun. But it was a good experience and everything.
  Ok, now to the bad news. Well, the stuff before was kinda bad news haha, but now to the real bad news. Our investigators. Its not like BAD news, just that it's been difficult with them as of late.
  I´ll start with the flaites. They are doing ok as of now. They kinda started heading downhill at the end of the week. We were teaching them and they've been having relationship issues and stuff and began to talk about that when we were there. Stuff came up and they both said they weren't gonna come to an activity we had on Saturday. Oh yeah, earlier in the week Maria Jose promised to stop smoking, which she is working on. But Juan kept saying that Maria Jose was having lots of doubts and stuff and that it was hard with her. But they both did come to the activity and we watched a movie called finding faith in Christ, and when it ended Maria Jose was crying and said that she felt a really good feeling in her chest that she had never felt before and Juan went on describing to her that it was the spirit and that it was telling her that this is where she needs to be and what she needs to be doing. So looks like we still have some hope with the flaites after all.
  Erika, Constanza, and Martin..... Well during the week Elder Frost went over there with one of the MTC kids and almost put baptismal dates on all of them, and her other son Johnathan and his wife Natalia (who had listened to us like twice). He said it was really good but they just need a little more time. So we go by yesterday and Erika comes out and tells us that they're going on vacation.....til March.....OYE. Also in the conversation she said how she knows the church is true, they're just a little scared of changing. So that is very VERY frustrating. Some of our best investigators leave for a whole month. Hopefully I'm here next change to see them progress.
  Juan Jose is still a stud. The other day we went to the AMM, the church distribution place here and bought a new triple combination for Juan and a hymn book and he was very happy to receive those. We had a good lesson with him, his mom and his sister yesterday and they are progressing good.
  And that's all of our investigators at the moment. Also in the field of bad news...Gina. Shes a recent convert that got baptized the last sunday before I got here. So like a little less than three months ago. Shes now going downhill. She says she's sick of the church and we passed by and she started smoking again.....Ugh. It's just so stressful here when youre preoccupied with all the people and their salvation and stuff. But this is the Mission.
  So yeah, that's basically what's happened so far this week and stuff. Today is just gonna be a boring p-day in the pension, but those are always good. We made hamburger helper for lunch today :D So hopefully this next week will be a better one. Love you all and the church is true!

Elder Aaron Maybery

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