Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello everyone, its me again.
   So yeah, this week was fairly boring. In terms of trying to find people and teach our investigators lessons, we didn't do so well. Some went out of town, others just weren't home, you know, the life of a basic missionary. So that's not too fun. But it was actually a successful week, and I shall talk about why.
   Let me update you on some old investigators right now. Ok, so Juan Jose got confirmed this week, so that's always good when that happens. Oh, Juan Jose's sister, Aimara, lost interest and isn't listening to us anymore :(   Life goes on. Do you remember María Zuñiga? The SUPER old stubborn lady? We had two lessons with her this week and we had to drop her/she said she didn't wanna listen anymore. So that was sad. But I kinda saw that coming. She said that she had never received a response to her prayers, but really she didn't wanna listen because she was afraid of changing. She said that after 75 years of life following tradition in her other church that it would be too hard to change. So she said to not go by anymore. But it's ok, we did all we could with her. She used her agency to choose to not to listen to us, nothing more we could've done. Anyway, remember Erika, Constanza, y Martín? I dunno I ever wrote about them. But we´ve been teaching them for a while, me and Elder Evans did but they went out of town and now we restarted teaching them and they are good. They say they have testimonies and believe that it's all true, now they just have to go to church and can be baptized! So hopefully in 3 weeks or so they'll get baptized. And Alexis. It's been hard with him. He now is working two jobs so we can't really teach him in the week anymore. So yeah. But he still keeps reading and that stuff so he´s still good. I have faith that he´ll get baptised, but it'll just take a little more time. And those are all of our old investigators and what's going on with them.
   Now to tell you about the new people we´re teaching. It's pretty funny. I´ll start last Saturday, when we first contacted them. Ok, so we do the contact, and after we´re like eh, maybe we´ll pass by them if we have time some day. It seemed just like a not good contact. It was a young girl, like in her 20s, and said to come by another day. So we went by another day, and her brother, a big Chilean full of tatoos and smoking came out and we asked if we could come inside to say a prayer, and he let us in....not what we were expecting. So then we talked to that girl again and said the prayer and asked if we could come back. She said yeah, and that her boyfriend would be there and he likes to talk about God. So we came back and he was there. His name is Juan. María Jose´s brother, Matías also lives in the house, with his girlfriend, Mary. María Jose is 22, Juan is 25, Matías is 19 and Mary is 22. And they're all super flaite as they say here. Likened to the US it'd be like gangster, but different a little. Like from the street. I dunno, theyre just flaite haha. With tattoos and all that good stuff. But the lesson went really well. And I mean REALLY well. They were all super interesteed. Except for Mary, who didn't listen. And it evern turns out that Juan was baptized a long time ago, but went inactive when his parents separated. And he still remembers his baptism, who baptized him, how he felt, and still knows lots of the stuff he learned when he was younger, so he´s been helping us to teach a lot haha. Who would've known that these young kids are all investigating the church now. So we´ve been passing by them a lot. They always have lots of questions, and good ones too, and always read the stuff we give them and all pray too. They've each said a prayer while we´ve been there. They're all super eager to keep learning and listening to us, its crazy. Me and Elder Frost still are shocked at who we´re teaching haha. I'll try to get a picture sometime. But yeah, so we invited them to come to church and we said we´d come by in the morning to look for them, and when we passed by in the morning, they were already ready to go haha. Mary didn't go, but the other three did! And they liked it a lot I'm pretty sure. They were interested, asked questions, felt good, and even stayed all 3 hours. So cool! The gospel blesses everyone, even the flaite Chileans. So it's a cool testimony builder. And the last time we went by, it was just Matías and his girlfriend Mary, who actually listened to us, so it looks like she´ll start being there normally now haha. So cool. We still have a lot to go with them, especially in the areas of Word of wisdom and law of chastity, the two they break frequently (all three smoke and the pairs aren't married), but we´ll get past those. They are super cool. So those are our new investigators, the flaites.
  So yeah, that was our week. Twas alright. We´re teaching some cool people though, and that definitly makes all the hard stuff worth it, when you see this gospel bless their lives.
  Haha, so tomorrow is Elder Frosts birthday, so for p-day we went to tgi fridays! Me, Elder Frosts, Elder Saenz and Devitry, and a couple other elders came. Elder Evans came! twas cool to see him. So that was fun. I attached a picture.
  Also exciting news, tomorrow I shall be going through the temple for the first time here in chile! Elder Frost got invited by a member in his ward before to go through when they do for the first time, so that means I get to come too! Should be super cool, and confusing, cuz it'll be in Spanish, but it'll be good.
  So yeah, that's all for now. Hope all is going well with you all. Love you all and pray for you all daily.
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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