Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy new year to you all, and here's to a good 2010!


   First week down of this new change. It has been good. Actually, not too good at all. Pretty hard. Let me elaborate a little.
   So this week was new years. Really nothing too exciting happened. Except that EVERY single one of our investigators went out of town haha. Which made the work this week sloooooow and difficult and we had to try to do a lot of finding of new people, which is good and bad at times. Anyway, starting with the beginning of the week...
   Tuesday. We had a super cool lesson with Juan Jose and his grandma. Remeber how I said that his family was now interested? Yup. We got to teach his sister, Aimara on Tuesday and it was really good. We taught her lesson one and she seemed interested and it seemed like she understood too, which is good. Juan and his grandma were there to help us out, which was cool. Investigators seem to like it better if normal people are there to help teach, not just two weird gringos dressed up in funny clothes all day. But yea, that was a good lesson. Fast forward a few hours and we were in the chapel that night, and guess who was there? Aimara, and her mom! We had no idea why or how she knew, but she was at young womans- haha. That made us SUPER happy to see. Turns out she was there to get an interview to see if she could go to the young womans campout activity thing. And she is gonna go. That will be really really good for her, to make friends in the church and be able to talk to them and ask them questions and stuff. So that was a really nice little surprise.
   But then the rest of the week was basically really stupid haha. We only got to teach investigators one more time, and that was Aimara again. We watched the restoration movie for a family home evening. That went well. She said that what we had explained earlier was now easier to understand and clearer.
   So yeah. The rest of the week was super boring. And I mean REALLY REALLY boring. Since all our investigators were out of town, all we could really do was pass by less actives and recent converts or knock doors to find new people. We did a combination of the three, which was ok. But we tried to have our fun. Elder Frost is a really funny guy. And he likes to talk to EVERYONE. Especially the stupid kids that yell "HELLO" at us. He turns it around on them and goes and talks to them and speaks to them in English and eventually we talk to them in spanish and ask why they wanted to talk to us, which of course was no reason at all. They just think its funny to yell at the gringos. But it leads to some funny conversations. Especially with the groups of drunk people. Elder Frost also likes to make friends with the Chilean youth of our age group- (haha). And it's funny cuz they actually like talking to us, cuz we´re gringos and they wanna know why we´re here. We always get offered beer or cigarettes, because that is what everyone does here. But it's fun to just talk to the Chileans. On Friday we talked to this group of 20-25 year olds as they were doing a barbeque and they told us to come back for some meat later, and we surprised them when we actually did - haha. They were really excited to see us and were yelling "Hello!" "You came!" "UTAH!!!" haha. So they gave us some meat and we left cuz we had real work to do. Twas pretty funny.
   But knocking doors and stuff got us some pretty cool contacts to go by this week and the next, so hopefully those go well. I feel like they will.
   So new years...BORING. It was just a normal day, fireworks are illegal here, and the only place that they can use them is designated areas (like the stadium, they have a show there), and of course our window faces the opposite way of all the places. So we looked outside at midnight and saw nothing, heard a few things, and that was it. Not a very exciting new years haha. But oh well, I'm in Chile, and that's pretty cool.
   Hmm, I'm trying to think of what else happened. Nothing. That was our week though, pretty boring and uneventful. But good nonetheless. It's always good when you're doing missionary work. Hopefully this next week we´ll see lots of progress with our investigators and hopefully we´ll see some baptismal dates for these next coming weeks.
Happy new year to you all, and here's to a good 2010!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. I´ve attached a picture of me and elder frost, and a picture of the ugliest dog I've ever seen in real life.

Elder Frost. Elder Mayberry

Ugliest dog I've ever seen in real life.

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