Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello everyone! It has been an ok week. But some good stuff has happened.

In terms of investigators, we have a few. Lemme start off with the "flaites."
   So yeah, Juan, María Jose, Matias. They are all doing super good. They have been progressing a ton. They read and pray all the time and asked if they could start reading the book of Mormon from the beginning. Of course! we said haha. We talk a lot about the palabra de sabiduría (word of wisdom...its hard to remember these names in english) and they are gonna stop smoking. That'll be one of the harder things they do. But they're super good and really want to. Remember how I said that Matias also has his girlfriend living there with him? She came to church with them on Sunday! Twas so cool. I didn't know if she was gonna come but she did and hopefully she liked it. We shall find out tonight when we have our lesson with them. But yeah, thats the flaites. They are probably our best investigators as of right now. They're gonna get baptized, it'll just take a little bit of time because they have to stop smoking and then we have to work on the law of chastity stuff. But its all good, they're amazing.
  Remember Juan Jose? The 11 year old that got baptized like 3 weeks ago. Well he´s basically AMAZING. He is a person that was prepared and so ready to receive this gospel, its crazy. Like 2 weeks ago we asked him if he wanted to start reading the book of Mormon from the start and he said yeah. Last time we checked, he's halfway done with the book! Hes crazy! And only 11. He is gonna be an amazing missionary. And he's already talked about wanting to go in 8 years. He's so cool. But now we´re teaching his sister again, and his mom has also joined in. And they seem good. Like the mom seems pretty excited about the gospel and stuff, so we might see some more good things come out of the family. Unfortunately only the sister came to church on Sunday, cuz the mom had to vote, but its good. At least she came haha.
  Oh yeah, so the second round of voting for the president was yesterday, and now the president here in Chile is named Sebastián Piñera. Apparently hes FILTHY rich. Like he owns, LAN Chile, one of the airlines here, and also Colo Colo, one of the main two soccer teams here in Chile. But yeah, so that's exciting, a new president.
   Some sad news, so remember how I said I was gonna go to the Temple? Didn't happen....At the last minute, one of the other guys going called the assistants to ask permission and they said no, and he asked if he could just do divisions with my companion and they said that's fine. So I didn't end up going. But it's ok. I had a pretty fun time on divisions haha. Me and Elder Zarate, from Peru, got yelled at by an old lady. But like YELLED at. She came outside and before I could say anything she was yelling at us and saying tons of bad words and telling us to go back to our countries. It was hilarious. You just can't get mad when something like that happens.
   Hmmm, what else happened this week. Nothing really. Today we went and played soccer as a zone and that was a ton of fun, but I'm super tired. My legs hurt too. I haven't ran in a while haha. But yeah, that was the week. Hopefully the next one is good too, with lots of progress in our investigators.

Love you all and youre always in my prayers. Til next week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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